Primark reinforces its commitment to Spain with an investment of 100 million and the opening of 8 stores

Primark reinforces its commitment to Spain with an investment of 100 million and the opening of 8 stores

Primark It will continue to expand its presence in Spain, its second largest market only behind the United Kingdom. The Irish molda low cost chain has announced a plan to invest 100 million euros in the next two years. Specifically, as reported by the brand in a statement, it will invest 80 million euros in the opening of eight new stores in the national market and the expansion of one, while it will allocate 20 million euros to the improvement and renovation of stores.

As part of the company growth plans in Spain and its commitment to invest in its portfolio of stores, Primark has communicated that will take your clothes and basic products to three new locations in the next 12 months, including its first stores in Lanzarote, Melilla and Toledo.

Over the next two years, Primark will also open stores in Jaén and Lorca (Murcia)as well as three new establishments in the Community of Madrid. For its part, the space located in Diagonal Mar (Barcelona) will be renovated and expanded, creating a better shopping experience for customers.

An 11% increase in its workforce

Thus, Primark Spain will increase its total workforce by more than 11% in the next two years with these new stores. The expansion in the national market will create more than 1,000 jobs, bringing the total workforce to 10,000. In addition, it will reform some of its stores to create a better store experience. This work will include the improvement and decoration and furniture update Of the stores. The progressive implementation of LED lighting in all its stores in Spain is also contemplated.

The company also plans increase their collaborations in 2023 to complement its in-store offer, with a focus on collaborating with Spanish companies after the alliance with Llaollao this year in the Marbella store or with the Granier cafeteria in its Seville store.

With 409 stores todayPrimark aims to reach 530 stores by the end of 2026, including 60 stores in the United States and will open in the new markets of Romania and Slovakia. In Spain, the company opened its first store in May 2006, in Plenilunio (Madrid), and currently has 56 commercial facilities throughout the country.


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