Primark opens a space with second-hand products

Primark joins fashion vintage. The Irish fashion company is collaborating with Vintage Wholesale Company to incorporate into your new flagship stores in birmingham (United Kingdom) a space dedicated to second-hand clothing.

Vintage Wholesale Company is a second-hand clothing company that sells all kinds of fashion items from brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Converse, Levi’s and Dr Martens. Thanks to this union, the fashion chain of fast fashion will enter the second-hand clothing market for the first time. And it has already announced that it will not be the only store that has this space in mind, which has received the name of Worn Wellthey will also enable it in the coming weeks in one of the stores that they have in Manchester.

We want clothes to be appreciated for longer and remain in circulation; we have big plans within our own business to give clothes a longer life, and we are delighted to support an independent company that is working to do this” said Jermaine Lapwood, Director of Innovation and Future Trends at Primark in the release.

Primark reinvents its stores

Although this is the first time Primark has introduced second-hand clothing into its business, it is not the first time it has introduced new brands into its stores. The fast fashion brand stays away from online sales, but since the beginning of the year it has shown its intention to reinvent its stores and offer a new experience to its consumers.

The store located on Market Street (Manchester) has been his “laboratory”. In it he has been collaborating with different companies outside the fashion sector. At the moment, her store on Birmingham High Street already includes a T-shirt printing station. Custom Lab that allows customers to create custom t-shirts to measure, a Tasty by Greggs coffeea Disney Cafe and a Primark Beauty Studio, while its Market Street Manchester store has a Central Perk Friends Café, Smokey Barbers and more.

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More sustainable projects

Primark is also trying to get closer to more sustainable consumers since last year when he launched his strategy Primark Cares with which it intends to introduce improvements to extend the life of garments, improve the conditions of its supply chain or use sustainable materials.

Primark Cares is structured around nine commitments divided into three areas: product (the commitment to second-hand clothing will help the company achieve this goal), planet and people. Within the product objectives they already said they wanted “give clothes a longer life” and made reference to their goal of entering the clothing sector vintage: “We will become a circular and more sustainable business”.

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