Prices of some basic products do not stop climbing

Some heads of families low economic resources who go to the markets to buy the foods that make up “basic basket”because they believe that they will find them cheaper there, they affirm that Food prices are still very high.

However, the government’s attempts to maintain and reduce the cost of food do not seem to be “completely” reflected on the tables of humble homes.

The banana, oil, rice, chicken and egg are foods that are within the “dish of the day” of Dominican families, however, are the protagonists in the collective complaints of the mothers of families.

During a tour of the markets of the Livestock Fair and Merca Santo Domingoreporters from Listín Diario, observed in the Creole food sales stalls at the Livestock Fair that the The price of the carton of eggs was RD$190.

As explained by Juan Pérez, a trader in the area, prices have continued to rise, “first they were at 160, now they went up to 190,” he added. According to the merchant Pérez, the food trade is difficult because they have to increase the sale price in order to have some benefit.

“If food goes up, I have to go up too to make a profit”affirmed the businessman, while explaining that the value of rice continues to increase. “Before I sold it for RD$25, and it is now for RD$28 and if it is a brand, you know how expensive it gets,” said the merchant. when referring to the price at which he sells a pound of Creole rice.

Also, it was expressed Peter Espinosain charge of one of the plantain and banana stalls, who clarified that the banana prices have increased a lot, even affecting profits, since “those groceries are very expensive. There in the market they sell us a guineíto for 8 and 9 pesos, here I have to sell it for 10 and more to earn something from it. When I went to buy it I wanted to pay it back with my money”.

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oils go down
An edible oil vendor, who preferred not to be identified, indicated that the large companies have slightly reduced the price of oil, specifically the one made by the Dominican company Mercasid, of the “Crisol” brand. The value of half a gallon is RD$345, a gallon costs RD$650 and the “jumbo” costs RD$1,100, so “it’s not really expensive, the price of crucible oil has dropped a bit,” he said.

The Avocado price has remained stable between RD$50 and RD$40. “Here the avocado is stable (price), and it will always depend on the amount of production and the seasons.”

Merchants from a butcher shop clarified that meat “has not increased in value”“A pound of chicken has a value of RD$86, the breast RD$145 and the pork RD$125”.

María Álvarez, a housewife, expressed her unhappy with the cost of some food, “Some prices are stable, but the egg, banana and rice are more expensive, while explaining that although he recognized that prices are more accessible in the markets than in supermarkets, he did not agree with some increases.

Reasonable prices
In conversation with Eduardo Torres, a father of a family, he recounted that the essential foods for a good family nutrition can be bought at the “Merca” at reasonable prices.

“I live in Arroyo Hondo and I come here just to buy what I spend on gasoline, I save on food,” Torres said while explaining that he only bought at that stall. Here I buy 4 avocados for RD$100, the beans they sell for RD$75, here for RD$50, the chicken RD$72 and the breast RD$92.

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