Price stepped on Barreda’s head: “Anything could have happened”

after today “You have to take the positive, which is a lot.” Not to say much, after seeing how Barreda’s helmet has been after his fall in the stage with 20 kilometers to go. The man from Castellón was born again because “anything could have happened” as the pilot himself admits, once he was aware of what happened during the special. He started “very well, pulling very comfortably in the first kilometers”, but they had “a very big mess” with the navigation, which ended up forming a group of four pilots counting the man from Castellón. Quintanilla, Price and Howes completed a lineup that navigated together until the most dramatic moment of the day.

They are made of another paste. After going through a moment like this, it’s incredible that he’s still thinking about how to continue managing a career after Price went “over the helmet”. taught it on site and the Arai model was very damaged, although fortunately it fulfilled its function so that it was the HRC pilot himself who told what happened. Although it still seems incredible considering the outcome of other similar incidents. “Bad luck for what happened? Looking at it from another perspective, good luck, because anything could have happened”, assumes Joan himself, who was taking care of us, still assimilating a scare that he wants to let go of as soon as possible: “You have to look ahead. The entire Dakar remains and we have options”.

They are made of another paste. After living a moment like this, it is incredible that he continues to think about how to continue managing a career where he knew that a visit to the doctor would mean goodbye: “No (has been to the doctor) why the sensations are good. I don’t have any gaps or something that I have a hard time remembering, or coordinating anything. I feel good. At first I was stunned but still, I navigated, I looked at all the things…”. We can talk about another epic from Castellón, also fueled by luck. For the man from HRC it has not even been his hardest fall and he explained it with irony: “I have fallen asleep, when you live it there are harder impacts.” The big scare was at first for “Pablo (Quintanilla), Toby (Price) and Howes.” The helmets of him was “the first image” that Joan remembers after regaining consciousness and gives them “thank you once again” for having taken care of him.

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What has happened from there? The three pilots and also the rest, have hallucinated. After “two or three minutes with Pablo” on his feet because he was still a little dazed, he asked Quintanilla where they were going and opened the throttle keeping up with those who were uninjured until the end. The summary of the “movie” that Price has told you in the afternoon is “a little scare” from which “you have to reset” to take advantage of the sixth stage: “We started well placed, it is long and you have to be calm. We have options, we are in the fight and we will have to take precautions because the physique is already more tired. But we have come here to the Dakar, we know what it is and we are prepared for whatever it is”. It is in sight.

This is how the case of Barreda remained after the accident.


This is how the case of Barreda remained after the accident.

Even after a moment that could have changed everything, Barreda shows that his ambition for this race is above all else. he has given “Thank God for being here and continuing in the race, but above all for this well” and to be able to continue disputing it. Despite the fact that she still does not understand what happened, because “it was a navigation site, in a group, where you are not risking (When it fell it was rolling at approximately 70 km/h)”, This anecdote remains one of many that Joan accumulates in the desert. Now he just waits “for the sensations to come and everything to flow” to try to finally get that long-awaited Touareg. Superhuman.

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