Price of FTM rises 50% as Fantom unveils 30 years of catwalk (without having to sell its token)

About Altcoins

We hope you will learn from our altcoin news and we would like to welcome you to this page where not only altcoin news is collected. We also provide you with basic information about altcoins in general.

What are altcoins?

Many users come here looking for specific news about a popular crypto like Bitcoin or Ethereum, see the section and end up reading the news about it. For them, we have a brief explanation of what altcoins are. Altcoin means “alternative coin”. Ironically, if Bitcoin is an alternative coin to the fiat currencies, the altcoins are alternatives to Bitcoin itself.

As you may already know, Bitcoin was created based on an open source code technology. This allowed new versions to be made. While some wanted to improve the main idea, others wanted to get rich and others just looking for fame and prestige, they all started making new coins. As a result, with time, the term altcoin was born.

What altcoin news are we going to talk about?

We cover everything we consider important enough for our readers. There are thousands of altcoins. We will highlight the big altcoins more often than the smaller ones. However, when there is important news from the smaller altcoins, we will post it as well. For example, you can find altcoin news about:

– VeChain: Blockchain platform that creates turnkey blockchain solutions for businesses; VeChain news is mostly related to new developments for new important companies.
– Verge: project that tries to do what Bitcoin is supposed to do – give anonymity; For now, Verge news is mostly price volatility related.
– Monero: Also a new version of Bitcoin in search of privacy; Look at what they say in their FAQ: “Monero has value because people are willing to buy it. If nobody is willing to buy Monero, it has no value.” Of course, Monero news is usually linked to price.
– Stellar: This crypto aims to make any currency exchange easier and smoother, no matter which one. Stellar news is usually about the price of Lumen (the name of the currency), but also about new developments or decisions of their foundation.

The above is just a selection of the coins we cover. Here you will also find Bitcoin Cash news, Tron news, Ripple news and many others.

What kind of altcoins news is there?

We can divide altcoin into two main phases: development and life. Taking this as our base of operations, we can also share altcoin news by:

1. Altcoin news about new altcoins mainly related to ICOs
2. Altcoin news about other cryptocurrencies already being marketed with different versions.

If you read altcoin news looking for information about new ICOs that are about to launch, we advise you to be very careful. ICOs are very risky for investors because the creators have very little or no responsibility if things go wrong. In most cases, the information available is also something generated by the founders and its only value is based on the trust you can place in it. If you are considering investing in ICOs, do so with a small portion of your capital and always bear in mind that you can lose all your money. Now if you’re lucky enough or have the skills to pick one that goes well, you can make a huge profit with just one investment.

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We think everyone should be aware of altcoin news as it represents an important area of ​​technology and innovation. As we always say, you should not only invest on altcoin news, but you should definitely consider this when making decisions.

What to look for in an altcoin?

When you’re looking for altcoin news that will help you discover a new asset to invest in, you need to be careful. When we talk about ICOs, you should look at:

1. Something New: The new coin must solve a new problem or make something better than its predecessors have made. The world does not need a new coin for small developments. The developers of the old manage to solve it.
2. Trustworthy team: make sure you trust the team behind the coin.
3. Read the white paper and check if it looks realistic: creating a great looking white paper is not expensive. You just need a good writer and a good designer. What is the potential of the new idea? Is it worth working for it? Founders need a goal that makes them so much money that they want to keep working even after a successful ICO.

If you’re looking for altcoin news about established coins, you need something else.

In this case it is not about the future, but about the present. You may think you’re a buy-and-hold investor, but if that’s the case, you’re in the wrong place. Use traditional stocks for that. Cryptos are all about speculation. Okay, you can buy and hold a very small stock in the hope that one day that money will be multiplied by several thousand. However, this is not relevant in all cases. In general, the volatility of the cryptos is so great that the only reasonable approximation is short term. That’s why you should look for tools that can help you make good short-term investment decisions.

We recommend a combination of technical analysis and a good analysis of altcoin news. For the first you need a lot of knowledge. Second, you need to develop your own experience. See how good news often leads to price decreases and bad news to price increases. Learn when the price behaves according to what the altcoin news suggested. In other words, build your own experience to know when you can trust the news and when you can’t.

We invite you to read all the altcoin news here!

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