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For a long time the license predator had bursts of presence on our screens with a bang of nanars quickly seen and quickly forgotten. We had almost given up on the hope of one day seeing a film worthy of the first opus directed by John McTiernan with his testosterone slung over his shoulder and punchlines made in the 80’s in shambles, or, in the worst case, from the second, made by Stephen Hopkins which, although clumsy in many aspects, had the merit of leading the Yautja in an overheated urban jungle. However Dan Trachtenbergwho had already amazed his world with the very good 10 Cloverfield Lanemanages to find the essence of the creature and the license by placing his story 300 years ago, in the heart of the nation Comanche.

More rudimentary and primitive, the new vintage Predator is nevertheless endowed with a foolproof arsenal and it does not hesitate to use it. Tracking, killing and collection of trophies are on the menu of this SF/Action with well-defined artistic choices and assumed from start to finish by a director who knows where he wants to take his audience. The creature is present and more badass than ever, with a more rootsy look. If the lack of a plasma cannon and a more primitive bio-helmet could chill finicky purists, seeing the beast in action dispels fears with blood and severed limbs. Small reminder: the film is strongly discouraged for the youngest spectators, do not complain about possible nightmares.

The mouth of a lucky charm still has class. ©Disney

Far from taking up the idea of ​​the big bodybuilder nag to stand up to the space hunter, we follow here Naru, played by the excellent Amber Midthunder, who finds herself struggling with the threat posed by the arrival of the predator and the proofs she must bring to her people to deserve to be considered a hunter in her own right. If the Girl Power aspect may seem clumsy at first glance, the evolution of Naru and the rivalries with the other hunters of the clan, and in particular her brother, are deft enough not to weigh down the narrative with superfluous feminist emphasis. No frills or concessions, Dan Trachtenberg goes straight to the point and offers the viewer what he came for.

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This reference to the second Predator would suggest a sequel? ©Disney

The choice of a female main character had already been done awkwardly in Alien vs Predator without making an impression. Nowadays and ambient wokism obliges, the detractors of the film would tend to put their finger on the main character by finding him illegitimate. A closed mind that prevents you from enjoying the show, which is quite far from conventions disney to deceive and offer a predator of quality which catches up with the preceding bouzins.

We clearly didn’t come to string pearls. ©Disney

If the whole thing is very well made, it is however not faultless and some hiccups of digital effects, in particular the scene of the bear which blows hot and cold by the irregularity of its effects, is not “The Revenant” who wants. Some heaviness also in the introduction of the trappers without breaking the rhythm. The sequences follow one another without real downtime while maintaining the pressure, and the threat that weighs on all the characters is palpable from start to finish.

An epic sequence, harmed by irregular effects. ©Disney

As for the references, without being legion there are a few, of the famous sentence of Schwarzy: “If it bleeds, we can kill it. “, to the wound that Billy (Sonny Landham) inflicts on his chest, passing of course by the enigmatic pistol offered to Harrigan (Danny Glover), Trachtenberg is in the muffled and discretion to implicitly pay homage to his elders . Here again, the choice of discreet references is mastered to perfection and they punctuate the film for the most observant.

A wound that spans the ages. ©Disney

Without being the film of the year or the best film in the franchise, Prey moves away from previous opuses to return to the fundamentals of films of the genre and establishes itself as the worthy successor to the first Predator which made the success of the license. , with its biases and its controlled artistic direction. Either we like it or we hate it and a second viewing allows us to decide, but this new version nevertheless deserves our attention..

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