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While Prey signs the ratings record ever reached on the Hulu streaming platform, and a rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, the reviews are very good since Prey has become the most critically acclaimed film in the Predator saga.

An upcoming Predator series on Disney+?

Prey is a resounding success, and Disney+ could continue its momentum, in particular by proposing a series predator which would target a teenage audience. A curious choice on the part of the studios disney than tackling such a young demographic when the entire saga has always been to classify. After delivering Prey with so much character, a teen series on predator, seen from here, is a real step backwards. However, no element of the plot has leaked, so it could be that it connects to a larger universe still unknown.

© Disney

© Disney

Indeed, we could very well follow a group of teenagers living in another era going through the same ordeals as those of Naru in Prey. We also don’t know if Dan Trachtenberg is involved in this series predator, always to be taken with a grain of salt in the absence of an official announcement. Scheduled to be broadcast on Disney+ and target the teenage audience, the chances of having a series predator pursuing a style of horror and sci-fi, trashy and grown-up looks complex. Not sure that the news will please all fans of the franchise.

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