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PrestaShop integrates a new payment method to increase your conversions by up to 46%

What are the online payment methods most used by Spaniards after the pandemic?

In the highly competitive e-commerce environment where every click and conversion counts, the ability to offer a quick and seamless checkout process is the fundamental differentiator between growing businesses and the others.

Now PrestaShop is included Easier checkout, a recently launched 1-click payment method. This plugin simplifies and speeds up the purchasing process, resulting in: 46% higher conversion ratesa 31% increase in customer registrations and increased sales.

Simpler Checkout redefines the traditional multi-step checkout process with a single-step solution designed for greater profitability. With Simpler Checkout now available, PrestaShop online stores have the opportunity to offer their customers the world’s easiest shopping experience.

Simplify and speed up your checkout

1. Increase conversion by up to 50%

Simpler Checkout offers a checkout form a single mobile-optimized step that significantly increases conversion rates. By simplifying the buying process and reducing friction, you can easily drive more sales and increase your revenue.

2. Speed ​​up the purchasing process by 80%

For first-time buyers, Simpler Checkout is at least 50% faster than native checkout, resulting in higher conversion rates. For returning customers, they can complete their purchases in just 6 seconds, cementing their loyalty through a highly satisfying shopping experience.

3. Increase the number of registered customers by 32%

Simpler Checkout eliminates guest purchasing, so every person who purchases from Simpler becomes a registered customer. Simpler has over 500,000 shoppers who can easily verify their identity with an SMS/email code and make one-click purchases on their first visit to your store. This not only strengthens customer loyalty, but also provides access to valuable first-party data for targeted marketing and personalized offers.

4. Offer multiple payment methods

Give your customers the flexibility to pay how they want, be it with credit/debit cards or digital wallets like ApplePay, GooglePay or Klarna. Simpler Checkout supports a variety of payment methods, simplifying the purchasing process for your buyers. The best part? Simpler offers all of these payment options out of the box without having to install each payment method separately.

5. Optimized for every mobile device

Simpler Checkout’s simple, responsive design adapts perfectly to any screen and results in a 20-50% increase in conversion rates for mobile shoppers. This ensures that your customers can make purchases conveniently from their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

6. Reduce your checkout steps

Simple Checkout changes the traditional shopping funnel. Shoppers can start the checkout process in multiple stages, including the catalog, product page, mini cart, shopping cart, or checkout page. According to the study by Simpler 78% of buyers prefer to make payment earlier in the purchasing process: 21% for the product page, 32% for the mini cart and 25% for the shopping cart. This ability allows you to quickly convert customers down the funnel, reducing the time they have to reconsider their purchase.

By simplifying the purchasing process and improving the shopping experience, you can get more sales and grow your business effortlessly. To learn more and download the Simpler module, visit this page shortcut.

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