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PrestaShop and Klaviyo team up to boost e-commerce success by automating personalized marketing

PrestaShop and Klaviyo team up to boost e-commerce success by automating personalized marketing

prestashopthe world’s leading e-commerce company, and klaviyo, the intelligent marketing automation and customer data platform, announce joint global launch of PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo. PrestaShop has chosen Klaviyo as its marketing automation solution due to its advanced and innovative features, seamless integration, and extensive experience in delivering personalized marketing automation. With its commitment to Klaviyo, PrestaShop aims to offer its merchants an effective and reliable solution that can significantly improve their marketing strategies and boost their results.

Turn transactions into long-term relationships

Currently, 71% of consumers expect brands to personalize their products and services. PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo responds to this demand by providing merchants with a powerful tool to create highly personalized interactions.

PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo provides real-time segmentation, pre-built automated email flows, predictive analytics, and comprehensive support. PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo enables merchants to increase their conversions and drive revenue. As a result, companies can offer personalized experiences that foster long-term customer relationships. According to the study ‘Use and personalization of email marketing in Spain 2023’, by Digital Response, 66.7% of companies want to generate more sales with email marketing and 56.9% want to generate traffic and visits to their e- commerce through this type of communication.

We believe that every entrepreneur should be given the ability to own, control and grow their online store. With PrestaShop Automation, we take customization and automation to the next level. Now merchants can effectively leverage their customer data, automate personalized communication, and achieve remarkable results in terms of engagement, conversions, and revenue.s.

Eric Senechal, Managing Director of PrestaShop.

Seamless integration and simplified automation

82% of marketing professionals already use email for their marketing strategies and they recognize its effectiveness in reaching and capturing customers, according to Statista data. PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo addresses the critical needs of brands and gives them a competitive advantage in the e-commerce industry landscape.

PrestaShop Automation seamlessly integrates with merchants’ online stores along with more than 300 applications and tools, enabling them to consolidate customer data and ensure real-time availability. This unified database makes it possible to better understand behavior and carry out more targeted and, therefore, more effective marketing campaigns.

In addition, PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo offers various features such as pre-defined and custom reports, automated A/B testing, and custom analytics. These tools allow merchants to study their performance, optimize their messaging, and make data-driven decisions for better results.

«We are always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers and we are delighted to be part of the select group of PrestaShop essentials. Building strong partnerships with platforms like PrestaShop enables our clients to grow their business by making it easy to create personalized bespoke experiences.«has detailed Justin Khaksar, SVP of Klaviyo International.

Increase the potential of e-commerce

PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo is aimed at a wide variety of businesses, from small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to mid-market and startups looking for a complete CMS solution. By simplifying marketing automation and unifying data sources, PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo enables them to maximize conversions, boost email performance, and improve customer experience.

PrestaShop Automation with Klaviyo includes:

  • Powerful segmentationto send the right content to the right audience, ensuring highly personalized campaigns.
  • Unified databaseto unify customer data in real time, providing a complete view of their profiles, transactions and behaviors.
  • seamless integrations, to connect with more than 300 pre-built integrations, uniting the different data to achieve a unified marketing strategy.
  • Insights and Optimizationto access pre-built and custom reports, automate A/B tests, and leverage custom benchmark data to drive decisions.
  • Omnichannel experience: to coordinate messaging across multiple channels, including email, forms, and social retargeting, for maximum engagement and conversions.

In addition to the development of PrestaShop Automation, Klaviyo has also released enhanced integrations with PrestaShop versions 1.7 and 8, which add new features and functionality to the existing integration, helping customers save time and grow their businesses. With the updated integration, customers can easily display the actual price of promoted products in emails, send transactional emails with real-time event synchronization, and quickly generate and import bulk coupons into Klaviyo.

PrestaShop essentials have been designed to develop the full potential of e-commerce companies worldwide, driving growth and success in a highly competitive online market.

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