Pressure grows for Prince Andrew to lose his military posts

More and more voices within the British Army are asking that Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II and accused of alleged child abuse in the United States, be stripped of his military titles, publishes this Monday "The Times".

The newspaper collects the testimony of Julian Perreira, a veteran of the Grenadier Guards, who asks for the "immediate resignation" of the Duke of York as colonel of that infantry regiment, an honorary position he inherited in 2017 from his father, the late Prince Philip.

Perreira declares that allowing him to continue with that and other titles in the Armed Forces will mean "a stain on proud history" of the Grenadiers and "will devalue your work".

According to the newspaper, the officers have been uncomfortable having to toast the duke’s health during the dinners of this regiment.

"The Times" It points out that Andrés, 61, holds nine military positions and it is up to his mother, the Queen, to officially withdraw them.

The prince faces a civil process in New York initiated by the Australian-American Virginia Giuffre, 38, who accuses him of having sexually abused her three times when she was 17, which the duke denies.

Giuffre maintains that he was a victim of sex trafficking by the American financier Jeffrey Epstein – who committed suicide in preventive prison in 2019 – and his former lover and collaborator, the British Ghislaine Maxwell, convicted on December 29 of sex trafficking with minors in a process parallel criminal in progress.

Thanks to the mediation of the couple, the prince, a friend of both, would have sexually abused her in London, New York and on a private island of Epstein in the Caribbean, he argues.

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With part of the lawsuit against Andrés, it is expected that today the New York court will make public an out-of-court agreement that Giuffre would have signed with Epstein and that, according to the defense of the Duke of York, would exonerate him of any responsibility.

The young woman’s lawyers have requested documents that prove the "inability to sweat" that the son of Elizabeth II alleged as "alibi" to deny that he knew the applicant, who had detailed in an interview that he had sweated profusely in one of their encounters.


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