Presidential, Marine Le Pen, economy … What to remember from Eric Zemmour’s interview in “Punchline”

The polemicist and writer Eric Zemmour was the guest of Laurence Ferrari in “Punchline” on CNEWS this Wednesday, October 6 in the evening. An interview to review on

Credited with 17% of voting intentions in a latest Harris Interactive poll for Challenges, Eric Zemmour, for the first time virtually qualified for the second round against Emmanuel Macron, naturally gave his point of view on the various surveys that follow one another the last days.

But the author of “France has not said its last word” (Ed. Rubempré), tipped to launch into the presidential race but to date undeclared, also addressed during this interview several others. themes, thus making part of a vision for the country. Here is what to remember.

“These polls encourage me”

“These (favorable) polls reflect the substance of my ideas and my speeches”, greeted Eric Zemmour, who said he was happy to have “imposed” the theme of immigration in the presidential campaign. “All the candidates are running after me. Valérie Pécresse speaks only of immigration whereas she has not spoken of it throughout her career, ”added the polemicist.

Driven by an unprecedented dynamic, Eric Zemmour said he saw “no interest” in declaring his candidacy now. “You have to choose the right time, be sure of my decision and that everything is ready” in terms of “funding” and “sponsorship”. “But these polls encourage me rather,” he admitted.

“The subject is the fate of France”

Asked about the absence of concrete proposals, Eric Zemmour estimated that “this is not the level of the presidential election” adding that “the subject, according to him, is the fate of France”. If he agrees that purchasing power is a subject “important for people”, the writer nevertheless places at the center of his speech the great replacement, namely “an Islamic civilization which replaces a people resulting from a Christian civilization. and who (therefore) third worldizes the country ”.

“The RPR is me”

“My support is evenly distributed between the electorate of Marine Le Pen and François Fillon in 2017,” said Eric Zemmour. I am the only one to make the junction between the patriotic bourgeoisie and the popular classes. These electorates must be brought together as the RPR did. The RPR is me, ”he asserted.

“LR VA will die of these politicos”

On the set of Laurence Ferrari, Eric Zemmour also particularly attacked Michel Barnier, “the new idol” of the Republicans. “He is now discovering that the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights are preventing us from having control over immigration. Everything he says today is the opposite of what he has been all his life “, rebuked the polemicist, qualifying the candidate of the right as” Europeanist “and” furious federalist “. “I find it odd that people who agree with me support Barnier. LR is going to die of these politicos ”, he concluded.

“Marine Le Pen cannot win”

Regarding Marine Le Pen, she cannot, according to him, “not win” because “she made the wrong strategic choices”. Asked about a possible alliance with the National Gathering, Eric Zemmour also considered that the “roadblock to the FN is nonsense”. “I take all the support”, he added, citing in particular that, posted, of Jean-Marie Le Pen.

National solidarity spending restricted “to the French only”

In the economic chapter, Eric Zemmour noted the French “economic decline”, starting with “deindustrialisation”. “The French choice of services to the detriment of industry” or even “the re-entry of China into the WTO” have, according to him, contributed to “impoverish” France.

If our large groups “relocate” and our SMEs “die”, it is, according to Eric Zemmour, “because of our standards and our charges”. The polemicist proposed to “restrict national solidarity expenditure (RSA, family allowances) to the French only to lighten the burden of social expenditure” which is “enormous”. On the subject of pensions, Eric Zemmour declared himself against the point reform, “complicated and unfair”, and to “increase the retirement age to 64 years”. “We are the country in Europe where we work the least”, he assured, proposing to set up a bonus-malus system to “dissuade the bosses from putting people into retirement” too early. . Paying tribute to Nicolas Sarkozy on this theme, Eric Zemmour considered that “working more to earn more is a magnificent slogan”.

A “clash of civilization” with Emmanuel Macron

Virtually in the second round against Emmanuel Macron, Eric Zemmour spoke of a “clash of civilization”. “We do not have the same vision of France. Emmanuel Macron is the man of happy globalization, the one who thinks that immigration only poses adjustment problems, who thinks that there is no French culture and that its history must be deconstructed ”, he listed.

Traveling to Slovenia this Wednesday, Emmanuel Macron is looking for European strategic autonomy. “A chimera” for Eric Zemmour, who believes that the French “are the only ones who want it”. The rest of the countries, foremost among them Germany, wishing to place themselves under the protection of the United States.

The writer however welcomed the words of Emmanuel Macron (reported by Le Monde) asking the question of the existence of an Algerian nation before French colonization. “He is right. It has always been a colony. ” According to Eric Zemmour, the government resulting from the FLN speaks “only of French colonization” and forgets “the hospitals and the roads” built during this period. “Emmanuel Macron only has what he deserves. It is the apostle of at the same time ”, he affirmed, recalling that Emmanuel Macron had qualified as“ crime against humanity ”the French colonization in 2017.

“I want a French France”

On the subject of immigration, the polemicist defended himself from having a “narrowed” vision of France, while claiming to want to “stop the migratory flows coming from a civilization too far from ours”. “I want a French France”, he summed up, refusing to “dissolve France in Europe and Africa” ​​as Emmanuel Macron would do according to him.

“Inactive foreigners have nothing to do here,” said Eric Zemmour, proposing to “limit regular immigration to zero” and “to expel all illegal immigrants”. “We will take students drop by drop,” he said, but not “African and Maghrebian students who are there to receive their scholarship”.

“The child needs a father and a mother”

Finally asked about the National Education circular inviting greater consideration of the integration of transgender children in school, Eric Zemmour said he did not know “this jargon”. “I only know girls and boys,” he said, referring to the circular as an “abomination”.

Eric Zemmour particularly targeted Jean-Michel Blanquer who according to him “submitted to the injunctions of LGBT activists”. The potential candidate has also declared himself once again to be against marriage for all and against “fatherless PMA”. “The child needs a father and a mother. It may happen that it is not, but it is an accident. It is criminal to have instituted that, ”he insisted. The polemicist also said he was against “euthanasia” without wishing for “therapeutic relentlessness”.

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