Presidential documents found in Trump’s possession

A legislative commission is investigating whether former President Donald Trump violated the presidential documents law after the discovery of boxes full of those documents in his Florida mansion and the appearance of a journalistic report about the destruction of documents while he was in office.

Oversight committee chairwoman Carolyn Maloney expressed in a statement Thursday her “deep concern that these documents were not released to the National Archives and Records Administration immediately at the end of the Trump administration and were apparently removed from the House.” White”.

Democrat Maloney sent a letter to archivist David Ferriero asking for information about 15 boxes of documents the National Archives received from Trump at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Presidential Documents Act mandates keeping the documents of a president and his staff on file. The outgoing president is responsible for delivering them to the National Archives at the end of his term.

The oversight committee has requested communications between the National Archives and Trump aides about the missing boxes and information about their possible contents. Maloney has requested that the information be delivered to him by the end of next week.

Documentation is critically important in any presidency, but Trump’s in particular is of interest to another legislative commission investigating the violent January 6, 2021 insurrection on Capitol Hill that attempted to stop the certification of the presidential election won by Trump. Democrat Joe Biden. Trump, who is a Republican, tried unsuccessfully to withhold documents from the White House in a legal dispute settled by the Supreme Court.

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The former president said in a statement that after collaborative and respectful discussions” the National Archives arranged for the transportation from Mar-a-Lago of “boxes containing presidential documents in compliance with the presidential documents law.”

“The papers were delivered easily and smoothly and in a very friendly manner,” Trump said in the statement, adding that the documents will one day go to the Donald J. Trump Presidential Library.

There are also concerns that Trump destroyed documents before leaving office, concerns the oversight panel expressed in a letter to the archivist in December 2020, in the final weeks of Trump’s presidency.

The Washington Post recently reported that Trump “shredded” both “sensitive and unimportant” data and that the archivist has asked the Justice Department to investigate whether Trump violated the documentation law. The department did not comment. A request from a federal agency or Congress does not mean that the department will initiate a lawsuit or even investigate the matter.

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  1. January 6 was not bloody except the shooting of female breaking in. Second democrats encouraged murder looting and burning in the most violent summer on record all democrats

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