President of Ecuador is subjected to "successful" operation in the US Guillermo Lasso, president of Ecuador, was operated with "success" of the prostate in a hospital in the United States. 9:52 p.m.

The President of Ecuador, William Lasso, He underwent “successful” surgery on his prostate in a hospital in the United States, the General Secretary of Communication of the government headquarters in Quito reported on Thursday.

Lasso, 67 years old and in power since 2021, underwent a prostate intervention at the Houston Methodist Hospital, the ministry said in a statement.

He added that the operation “was successful and he is already in the room” of the American sanatorium.

The right-wing president dissolved Congress last week to put an end to an institutional crisis derived from the intention of the opposition left to remove him through a political trial for alleged corruption.

The measure will usher in early general elections to complete the current four-year term.

The elections to elect president and vice president, as well as the 137 parliamentarians, were called for August 20.

After offering a report on his second year in office, Lasso traveled to the United States on Wednesday for a “medical intervention”, as indicated by the Executive at the time.

During his tenure, Lasso has traveled to that country twice for health reasons, such as skin cancer and a spinal injury.

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His return to Quito is scheduled for Sunday.

With information from AFP


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