President highlights “historic investments” of RD$77,000 million in the national industry.

In his eagerness to highlight the achievements of his management in economic matters, President Luis Abinader pointed out that, in addition to the successful model of tourism and free zones, it is necessary to add the commitment made by the government to industrial development "at all levels".

"Today we have historic investments in the national industry sector’. stated the president in his third Accountability speech and said that, through thehe Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic, in this 2023, will be executing investments for more than RD$77,000 million.

"From March 2022 to January 2023, approximately 20 expansions of national and international industries have been carried out in Dominican territory, that represent an investmenteitherno of memore than RD$63,000 million pesos"said Abinader, in his long speech.

Regarding MSMEs, the ruler said that 11,000 have been trained, 7,364 were formalized through the Single Window for Formalization, an action framed in the government’s strategy to strengthen the private sector.

He also said that Promipyme has placed more than RD$18.600 million, benefiting more than 157,000 small companies, 67% of these resources were to favor small and medium-sized women entrepreneurs, many of whom have had to be innovative to guarantee the livelihood of their families.

Free trade zone
The president maintained that the free zones have the highest incidence in the country’s total exports and continue to maintain a predominant participation in the Dominican export structure.

He indicated that in 2022, its exports amounted to US$7,768 million, 9% more than the previous year, reflecting growth above the average in almost a decade.

He added that in 2022 87 new companies were approved, reaching 784, and said that these new companies project an investment of 12,528 million pesos and the generation of more than 17,000 direct jobs. "No.We do believe in free zones and we will continue betting on them"sentenced Abinader.

When reviewing the achievements of this sector, Abinader highlighted that "pFor the first time, more than 7 million tourists by air and 1.3 million cruise passengers arrived in the Dominican Republic. that is, 8 and a half million visitors, 13% more than in the period before the pandemic.

He added that hotel occupancy reached an annual average of close to 75%, and the economy of households that live on short-term rentals (AIR BNB), also had an increase in occupancy from 25% to 35%, and many more properties .

He pointed out that the entry of foreign currency through tourismIt exceeded US$8.4 billion in 2022, a figure that he said will continue to grow.

The president referred to the works that are being undertaken through the Ministry of Tourism, such as: the boardwalk of La Cabrera, El Quemaito beach, Los Patos, Playa Macao, Playa Cenote or Esmeralda, among others. He also pointed to the restart of the process of revitalization of the Colonial City of Santo Domingothe project development of Miches, with the start of 7 new hotels and the start of construction of the first stage of Brig Point in Puerto Plata.

When speaking of the Pedernales Tourism Development project, the president said that the construction of the first two hotels has already begun and that in a few weeks the construction of the third will begin, which will add 1,600 rooms under development, a total investment of US$335 million. , and the generation of around 2,200 direct and 6,600 indirect jobs.

To this was added the investment of US$98 million in the Port of Cabo Rojo where the Norwegian Cruise Line has already announced the arrival of cruise ships as of January 2024 and said that in this first four-month period of 2023, the bidding for the Airport will begin. Pedernales International, in Oviedo.

"I want to tell this assembly and the Dominican people that one of the greatest legacies that this government will leave to this country will be the development of flint tourism. That they have no doubt that it is a commitment to the economic and social development of the south"pointed out the president receiving intense applause from the audience that stood up..

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