President Erdoğan’s important announcements after being elected as President

Once again, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was elected as the President of Turkey, has made important announcements expressing his determination to fulfill his promises.

After winning the presidential election, Tayyip Erdoğan said in his victory speech that the people of Turkey have given us power again and we have been given the responsibility to rule for another 5 years.

Speaking in Istanbul, he said that today we are writing a new history, we will maintain our unity as a nation, we will continue our hard work and fulfill our promises.

The Turkish President thanked the voters and supporters and said that thanks to all those who voted for us, the real victory has been for Turkey and its people, the real right to win the election is 82 million Turkish people

He said that with this victory, the door of the “Century of Turkey” has opened, the election results have shown once again that the credit of the success of the country and the nation rests with the people.

The president also said that the main opposition Republican People’s Party would hold the Clique Dar Oglu responsible for their poor results as their number of seats in parliament has decreased compared to the last election.

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