President Abinader highlights support for sport in his government management

President Luis Abinader highlighted his government’s support for sports and stated that with the construction and reconstruction of sports facilities, local sports activity is strengthened and spaces are created for healthy recreation.

The president made the proposal through a message that he posted on his instagram account, after he gave the first blow, together with the Minister of Sports, Francisco Camacho, to start the reconstruction work of the Ramón Montante Castillo sports center in this city, as well like those of Las Matas de Santa Cruz and Villa Vásquez in the same province.

“Today, in Montecristi, together with Francisco Camacho, Minister of Sports, we began the reconstruction of the Ramón Montante Castillo sports center, as well as those of Las Matas de Santa Cruz and Villa Vásquez,” President Abinader said in his message.

“We strengthen local sports and create spaces for healthy recreation,” he added.

In addition to the total reconstruction of the three sports centers, the president ordered the renovation of outdoor courts in this northwestern province, with a total investment of more than 40 million pesos.

The first president was accompanied in the symbolic act of the first palace by the Minister of Sports and Recreation, Francisco Camacho; the Provincial Director of Sports, Álvaro Peña; the civil governor, Nelsy Cruz; the senator of the Montecristi province, Ramón Pimentel and the municipal mayor of Montecristi, Jesús Jerez.

The renovation of these structures and other works in the province is part of a remodeling and construction program carried out at the national level by the Ministry of Sports and Recreation (Miderec), directed by Francisco Camacho.

In addition to the Montante Castillo, the multipurpose facilities of Villa Vásquez and Las Matas de Santa Cruz will also be impacted for an investment of RD$36,298,857.47, in addition to nine courts that have already been remodeled in different parts of this province at a cost of RD$4,477,942.24 for a total of RD$40,776,799.71.

“We believe in youth, in the development of the human being, but above all you who have dedicated yourself to the task of fixing, renovating and returning all the sports centers left half-size, which we found turned into a disaster, to the youth of the Dominican Republic and the athletes who sweat and love our country so much”, said Camacho who offered the central words of the act.

“This is a sports center that was underutilized because with the conditions it has, you can’t play basketball and it’s good that your government, President, can start these jobs that are so needed,” said the governor.

Camacho said that this week they have assisted four provinces to carry out similar remodeling work and have left “the work of 15 sports facilities started.”

He said that the Montante Castillo was repaired in 2017 “in quotes”, but it was left with a problem that water enters. “What they preferred was to leave the sports center without the gutter, take the wooden floor and put a synthetic (floor), that is, they downgraded the sports center.”

He informed that the sports center is going to be repaired, its gutter will be made so that it does not lose its splendor again and we are also going to return its wooden floor.

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He specified that he has “the budget so that everyone knows what is going to be invested here, what the sports centers that we are repairing have and that each of the citizens are the supervisors of this work.”

The budget was left to the governor so that anyone who wants to see it has the right to see it, so that “anything that is missing there any citizen can call us and we are going to come and demand that the engineer put what that is missing because he signed and is collecting money”.

Works to be repaired

At the Montante Castillo sports center, repair work includes restroom renovations and men’s and women’s changing rooms.

It will also touch change of sanitary ware and supplies and placement of PVC soffit on the ceiling as well as wall ceramics and supply and placement of drain gutters.

Also, renovation of the cafeteria and offices and the supply and placement of aluzinc on the roof; of basketball boards and professional mobile boards.

In addition, the supply and placement of a wooden table in the playing area. Emptying of concrete perimeter sidewalk. Superior acrylic paint on interior and exterior walls; general electrical installation in court area and services with a total investment amount of RD6,400,581.74.

In the bushes of Santa Cruz

In the Las Matas de Santa Cruz multipurpose facility, the works will include emptying the polished floor in the play area; supplies and placement of a wooden table in the play area; mobile board supports, tempered glass board, as well as supply and placement of goals for futsal.

Also removal of stands, construction of a cistern and general electrical installation in the play area and services, among other areas. Everything includes an investment of RD3,923,234.31.

In Villa Vasquez

The renovation of the Villa Vásquez multipurpose facility includes emptying the polished floor in the play area.

Likewise, supplies and placement of a wooden table in the playing area; placement of supports for mobile boards and tempered glass board.

In addition, pressure cleaning and painting of metal structure on the roof under an investment of RD$5,975,041.42.

repaired courts

The fields repaired, through the Miderec Engineering Department, are the Los Conucos field, located on the Montecristi-Dajabón highway; the Castanet (Castanet); the Pepillo Salcedo (Pepillo Salcedo); Villa Elisa (Villa Elisa); Hatillo Palma (Hatillo Palma); and the Carlos Gómez, Rosa Smester, Bienvenido Socías and José Martí Secondary School courts located in Montecristi with the indicated investment of 4 million, 477 thousand, 942 pesos and 24 cents.

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