Presenter of El Chiringuito always sucks on the good side of the false controversy

Presenter of El Chiringuito always sucks on the good side of the false controversy

Josep Pedrerol knows them all and when there is controversy with the gatherings he quickly positions himself in the least hostile place in the equation

A long time ago we explained the mechanisms of presenter of The beach bar to achieve the success and recognition that it has today. El Chiringuito is already television history in Spain. A format that engages and that does not seem to have any signs of ending in the short term.

Controversy is the basis of everything. Pedrerol knows that if there are spicy or controversial topics, between two teams, the interactions on social networks will increase and with this the audience of the program will grow. However the presenter of the beach bar a letter is always kept so that its image is not damaged.

Josep Pedrerol dominates the times of El Chiirnguito

The presenter of El Chiringuito always evades

When there is a subject of those who raise blisters, those who make a fool of themselves or are merciless with the clubs, they are the commentators. Pedrerol always takes the easy side, the conciliatory side, from which he does not generate so many detractors. Let’s go to a practical example that corroborates it.

After Levante – Atlético de Madrid, no matter how much the colchoneros had won, the debate was how badly they had played. One more day the Madrid bench fired a bullet at Simeone, especially an Alfredo Duro who was blunt: “Simeone is a tribunero”, the commentator complained.

Pedrerol comes out in defense of Simeone

It was at that moment that the presenter of El Chiringuito brought out his most sensitive side. “Tribunero is derogatory,” Pedrerol scolded him. Next, to consolidate his arguments, Josep read aloud the meaning of the word tribune according to the RAE dictionary.

In the end, the boss of El Chiringuito achieved his mission for another day. Alfredo Duro was warming up and a lot of noise was generated in networks. However, the comments against Pedrerol were not bad, quite the contrary. The Atléticos were primed with Alfredo Duro but they appreciated Pedrerol’s sincerity. One more day, the victim is another.


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