Preparing for a fake operation to wipe out the damage caused by the fire in an army truck in Rajouri

ISLAMABAD: The Modi government has started preparing to deceive its people again, a fake operation is being prepared to wipe out the damage caused by the fire in an army truck in Rajouri district of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

According to sources, 5 soldiers were burnt to death when lightning struck a Rashtriya Rifles unit vehicle at Tota Gali on the National Highway in Rajouri sector of Occupied Kashmir on Thursday. was declared as the result of the grenade attack.

Now sources say that in the guise of this incident, the Modi government is once again preparing for a fake operation, and in the fake operation, the recovery of previously hidden ammunition will be revealed.

Sources have also said that 120 Infantry Brigade located in Bhimbar Gully will participate in the fake operation, after the fake recovery pictures and videos will be released to the media, this fake recovery will be presented as a big success.

According to the sources, there are also possibilities of putting the debris of the fake recovery on Pakistan and Tehreek Azadi Kashmir, the purpose of this fake operation is to cover up the failure in the Rajouri incident and to tame the Indian people.

It should be noted that India is already infamous in the global media for its fake operation.

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