‘Prepare for a winter full of sickness and death’

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – US President Joe Biden has warned non-vaccinators against coronary heart disease, saying those who do not get vaccinated should be prepared for a winter full of disease and death.

US President Joe Biden has called on citizens to administer a third dose of the corona vaccine, warning opponents of the vaccine of an imminent winter of disease and death.

A statement issued by Biden to the media after a meeting with the Covid Knight Coordination Team at the White House.

“If you get vaccinated or you have completed the vaccine course, you will be protected from the risk of dying from a serious illness or disease,” he said.

The US president said that due to the steps taken by the government, the Omicron variant has not spread as fast as possible, but now that the virus has started spreading in the US, the spread is expected to increase further in the coming days.

Biden warns that a winter full of disease and death awaits those who do not get vaccinated.

Omecron variant is the cause of one-third of all cases of coronary heart disease in the United States at the moment. Health officials around the world say that Omecron variant is more contagious than Delta variant. Less intense than the Delta Are.


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