Preparations to lay the rubble of US defeat in Afghanistan on Pakistan

The US lobby has introduced a bill in the US Senate to blame Pakistan for the defeat in Afghanistan. In the bill, 22 senators have called for sanctions against the Taliban and action against those who support them.

The bill, introduced by 22 senators, calls for action by identifying states and individuals who have supported the Taliban from 2001 to 2020.

The bill also calls for action against state and non-state elements who helped topple Ashraf Ghani’s government.

The bill also calls for the Taliban to review shelters, training, planning, intelligence and logistics, and facilitators.

Who guided the military and strategic direction and the need to review the elements involved in the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan, while the bill also calls for a report on the September 2021 attacks on Panjshir. And who supported the Taliban against the resistance?

The bill, introduced in the US Senate, also called for effective counter-terrorism measures in Afghanistan and proposed the creation of a special task force to expel Americans and allies from Afghanistan.

Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari tweeted about the bill, saying that Pakistan was once again paying a heavy price for being an ally in the US war.


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