Preparation of Ranveer Singh 83: Ranveer Singh took 6 months to perform as Kapil Dev.

Ranveer Singh Kapil Dev Look Transformation: Bollywood star Ranveer Singh, who has been receiving love and appreciation from cricket and movie fans for playing the role of Kapil Dev in ’83, has revealed that he landed that famous role. back. reversed) It took six months to complete the capture, which was taken by the legendary cricketer on June 25, 1983, in front of Madan Lal to fire Sir Vivian Richards. ’83’ has a bumper opening in the locker. Ranveer has received a positive response from fans and the film has received immense love and respect from around the world, including India.

Ranveer was in the national capital for the screening of ’83’ and during this he interacted with the media. The talented actor played the best role of the legendary former Indian captain and one of the greatest off-roaders, Kapil Dev.

Ranveer has especially impressed everyone with his role in all the films from ‘Bajirao’, ‘Padmavat’, ‘Us’ and ‘Gully Boy’ to ’83’. He has made a name for himself as one of the best actors in the history of Indian cinema.

Ranveer said: “I am overwhelmed with the kind of messages I am receiving right now. Everyone loves the movie: Sunil Gavaskar sir, Madan Lal sir, Kapil sir, my guru Balwinder Singh Sandhu sir, PR Mann Singh sir all have sent messages and praised my work. What more would you want when such great personalities appreciate your work? “

Looking back on the days of the making of the film, the actor shared how Kabir Khan came up with the idea of ​​inviting Kapil Dev over and spending time with the actor.

Ranveer said: “I spent time with Kapil sir at his house and he has such impressive demeanor that people will fall in love with him. His smile, his laugh, his walk, his talk, his dancing … yes, his so many movements of Pyaara hai dance. I used to see what he was doing and what was going through his mind. What was he thinking at that time in 1983? Watching him so closely helped a lot. “

When asked what was the hardest part to learn, Kapil’s bowling style, his attitude or hitting. The actor replied: “I used to play cricket during my school days and was a good outfielder as well as a very aggressive and impressive hitter. So there was no problem hitting. We are professionals when it comes to acting, that’s why it’s our job to get into the character. “

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Ranveer went on to say, “Yeah, bowling was the hardest thing to learn. I found his wrist position, his iconic jump, the chest rub before bowling, things that took me months.”

“Actually my biomechanics is different than Kapil sir. He came from ‘Simba’ (movie) and he had big muscles. So Sandhu sir asked me to get into athletic physics,” he said.

When asked if he finally got some rhythm and swing like a great all-rounder, Ranveer said: “Bahut topa udai mein phir toh. Can’t say about swing, but I’m really good.” the wicket.

Ranveer also shared his struggle to perfect Kapil Dev’s famous back catch to fire Sir Vivian Richards, who played a key role in India’s victory at Lord’s.

He said, “It took me six months to do it completely. Running backwards was hard to catch. So Mr. Sandhu used to throw the ball and I had to run and catch it.” When asked if it is a leather ball or not? Ranveer replied, “Yes, it was a leather ball.”

He said, “I practiced it several times and Mr. Sandhu used to give me six overs to hit as a consolation prize that I liked the most. They gave me a target and I had to chase it. It was fun. It was.”

Kapil’s entries of 175 against Zimbabwe were not recorded as BBC employees were on strike that day. How difficult was it to learn the nuances of a grand entrance?

“It was certainly difficult, as there is no video recording. And I also feel bad for Kapil, sir. It was one of the best entries in the history of cricket. And now people come to see the movie. Only after that’s why they’re appreciating that scene and figuring out how it should have been done at the time. “


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