In the only early game by twenty second date of the premier league, Brighton equalized 1-1 this Friday with Crystal Palace, as local. Conor Gallagher opened the account for the visit and the Norwegian Joachim Andersen, against his fence, sealed the final draw.

With this result, Brighton – which had holder at the wheel Alexis MacAllister, Recently summoned by Lionel Scaloni to the Argentine National Team in the pre-list for the Qualifiersclimbed to eighth place with 28 points, while Crystal Palace placed eleventh with 24 units.

duel of champions

This Saturday, in the outgoing match of the day, Manchester City -last English First Division champion and comfortable leaderwill search from 9.30 (TV: ESPN) his twelfth consecutive win at the tournament when he receives Chelsea, his escort.

The team led by the Catalan coach Pep Guardiola will have all its figuresincluding England striker Raheem Sterling and Belgian midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

Manchester City, seven times champion of the Premier League (1937, 1968, 2012, 2014, 2018, 2019 and 2021) is the tournament leader with 53 points, and ten points ahead of Chelsea, the last winner of the Champions League.

How is the Premier

The Saturday session will continue at 12 with Newcastle-Wattford, Norwich-Everton (TV: ESPN) and Wolverhampton-Southampton; while at 2:30 p.m. (TV: ESPN) Aston Villa’s the Emilians “Dibu” Martínez y Buendía will receive Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United.

The date 22 will follow this Sunday with Liverpool-Brentford, West Ham-Leeds and Tottenham-Arsenal, although the latter -with numerous casualties due to Covid-19, injuries and footballers in the African Cup- asked the Premier League to “postpone the North London derby”.

Main positions: Manchester City, 53 points; Chelsea, 43; Liverpool, 42; West Ham, 37; Arsenal, 35; Tottenham, 33; Man Utd, 31.



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