Liverpool beat Aston Villa of the Argentines Emiliano Martínez and Emiliano Buendía 2-1, and reached Manchester City at the top of the Premier League, although Josep Guardiola’s team still has to play with Wolverhampton.

German Jürgen Klopp’s squad recovered from a poor start against the team led by Steven Gerrard, one of Anfield’s greatest idols, and took the win with goals from Joel Matip and Senegalese Sadio Mané.

The Brazilian Douglas Luiz opened the account for the local, three minutes into the match played at Villa Park in Birmingham, valid for date 33 of the English Premier.

Martínez occupied the fence of Aston Villa from the start, while Buendía entered for the Brazilian Phillipe Coutinho at 24 minutes of the complement.

The delayed matches of the Premier League on dates 21, 30 and 33 will be played with this detail: Wednesday: Leeds United-Chelsea (Star +), Leicester-Norwich, Watford-Everton (Star +), Wolverhampton-Manchester City. Thursday: Tottenham Hotspur-Arsenal (Star +).

Positions: Manchester City and Liverpool 86 points; Chelsea 67; Armory 66; Tottenham Hotspur 62; Manchester United 58; West Ham 55; Wolverhampton 50; Brighton And Hove 47; Crystal Palace 44; Aston Villa, Brentford and Newcastle 43; Leicester 42; Southampton 40; Everton 35; Burnley and Leeds United 34; Watford 22 and Norwich 21.


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