Premier League, empty millions

The arrival of Enzo Fernández on the market closing horn brought to an end a frantic window into the Stamford Bridge offices. Mudryk, Joao Félix, Madueke… in total 300 million euros that ended with the icing on the cake: 121 kilos for Enzo and the most expensive signing in the history of the Premier League. Greatest English transfer of all time and sixth of all time.

In the last five years, the Premier League has positioned itself as the leading league in the world. The economic capacity of the English clubs has caused them to monopolize the new emerging talent in the market, paying amounts much higher than those that the rest of the leagues could reach. Although in the premiere the money disbursed is a greater guarantee of failure than success.

The ten most expensive transfers in the history of the English league have occurred in the last seven years, and of all of them only Virgil Van Dijk has been a resounding success. Half measures, unknowns or directly fiascos end the decalogue of an inflated market.

Via Bleacher Report.  Figures adjusted to dollars


Via Bleacher Report. Figures adjusted to dollars

Only Van Dijk of the ten is the undisputed starter on his team. The Dutchman has won everything since he joined Liverpool, being the defensive leader of a team that won the league in 2020 and the Champions League in 2019. the one in which the center-back was on the verge of being the first defender since Cannavaro to win the Ballon d’Or.

Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku twice, do not even continue in their clubs of origin. The Frenchman came from Juventus with the card of the midfielder of the future, he never lived up to the expectations that led United to pay 105 kilos for him. six years later, Pogba left Manchester for Juventus againwhere he has not even been able to debut this season.

The Belgian’s failure was gradual. Although the two seasons he played in Manchester his numbers were not bad, not what was expected by an 85 million striker either. Lukaku scored 42 goals in 96 games. Enough for Inter to buy it and the Mancunians to alleviate losses. An outstanding performance in Serie A brought him back to the Premier. 113 kilos, a disappointing season at Chelsea and a loan back to Inter in just one year to try to revive his level, or at least his value.

In another controversial management, Harry Maguire was crowned the most expensive central defender in history when United paid 87 million euros to Leicester. The Briton was a fixture in the eleven and even captain of the red devils during his first three campaigns, although always questioned and coinciding with some of the united least competitive ever. The arrival of Ten Hag on the bench also brought Maguire to the same place. Four headline clashes this season in the Premier.

Jack Grealish and Jadon Sancho They arrived to reinforce the City and United bands respectively in 2021. Both had similar figures in their first year, three goals and starters in approximately half of the clashes. A mediocre performance for two footballers of 85 million in the case of Sancho and 117 in that of Grealish.

Antony and Wesley Fofana with their 95 and 80 million were two great summer bets for United and Chelsea respectively. Although their career in their clubs is limited and they are young with the possibility of reversing the situation of a signing of this caliber, greater immediate performance is expected. The Brazilian does not have a guaranteed place in the eleven and has seen the goal five times throughout the year. The Frenchman has barely been able to play four games due to injuries, but physical problems should not be a novelty for the blues. Fofana only participated seven times in the league in 21/22 weighed down by health. In addition to his meager contribution at Chelsea, Fofana holds a record: he is the most expensive footballer who has ever played a game with his team.

The jinx of the most expensive in history

Although in the case of the Premier, failed investments have been more recurrent, it seems an endemic evil of high transfers. Of the ten biggest moves in history, only two have no debate about their performance.

Player Price Equipment
neymar 222 million From Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain
kylian mbappe 180 million From Monaco to Paris Saint Germain
Ousmane Dembele 140 million From Borussia Dortmund to Barcelona
Philippe Coutinho 135 million From Liverpool to Barcelona
joao felix 127 million From Benfica to Atlético de Madrid
Enzo Fernandez 121 million From Benfica to Chelsea
Antoine Griezman 120 million From Atlético de Madrid to Barcelona
Jack Grealish 117.5 million From Aston Villa to Manchester City
Cristiano Ronaldo 117 million From Real Madrid to Juventus
Eden Hazard 115 million From Chelsea to Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappé stands as the greatest success on the list. Immediate performance, youth and the possibility of having improved the investment of having wanted PSG. Cristiano Ronaldo, although he was barely three seasons in Turin, scored 101 goals in 134 games with the Vecchia Signora. Mbappé and CR fulfilled the expectations of their contracts with flying colours.

Neymar established the new brand as the most expensive signing in 2017. Despite the fact that he could never be crowned the best footballer in the world his contribution to PSG has been notable these seasonsbut his intermittence and constant injuries relegated him to the background behind Messi and Ronaldo and now his teammate Mbappé is the reference in Paris. dembele has spent four seasons almost unpublished, now In his fifth year in Barcelona, ​​the potential he was supposed to have begun to show.

Coutinho, Hazard, Griezmann and João they were unanimous failures in their hiring. The little prince has found his place again at Atleti showing a great level. João Felix is ​​still young and has time to straighten out a career that hasn’t improved in four years as a mattress player.

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