Preity Zinta did not make any mistake, Punjab Kings made it clear that the wrong player was picked in the auction

Punjab Kings have received a clarification regarding bids for the wrong player. Punjab Kings said that there was no mistake in selecting the player during the auction and only the player the franchise wanted to buy was purchased. Before this clarification from the Punjab Kings, there was a lot of discussion that the co-owner of the Punjab Kings, Preity Zinta, had bid on the wrong player due to the two similar names.

This whole matter concerns the auction of Shashank Singh. On Tuesday, Shashank Singh was snapped up in the final moments of the auction. When the quick bidding round for uncapped Indian players was underway, Punjab Kings co-owner Preity Zinta immediately placed the bid as soon as auctioneer Malika took the name Shashank Singh. No other franchise came forward and Shashank became part of the Punjab Kings very soon. It was bought at the base price (Rs 20 lakh) only.

After the auction, it was reported on this bid that when the Punjab Kings realized they had made a mistake, they had spoken to the auctioneer Malika to withdraw the bid, but she refused to do so as per the rules. On Wednesday evening, the Punjab Kings issued a statement regarding the entire matter.

This statement released on social media by Punjab Kings CEO Satish Menon said: “Punjab Kings would like to clarify that this player was part of our list that we had to bid on.” The confusion arose because there were two players in the list had the same name. We are pleased to welcome Shashank. I am happy that the right Shashank has been selected for our squad. He has shown some attractive performances and is ready to improve his skills and introduce them to everyone.

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