Prateek Gandhi has become the victim of a serious financial crisis, he did not even have a roof to live with his family.

Actor Pratik Gandhi achieved overnight success with the web series Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story. In a recent interview, she shared the story of her personal struggle and reaching stardom. Prateek said: ‘Financial problems, financial crises and medical problems, I have seen it all. But I did not become a victim of a collapse for a moment, nor did I have any doubt that I could not get out of it. I am such a person, the moment I see a problem, I try to solve it and this is how my mind is trained. According to me, everyone struggles with this kind of situation.

Prateek further said: ‘I also had a medical emergency at home, whether it was my wife’s brain tumor operation or my father’s cancer. Sadly, I lost my father in 2018. Buying a house in Mumbai would have been a big deal. Despite spending more than a decade, we had no roof to live in Mumbai. My whole family was homeless. In that moment when you fight, the responsibility of your whole family falls on you and you leave your job frozen and you move towards a different fight and then gradually success begins.

Pratik Gandhi has become the victim of a serious financial crisis, there was no roof to live with the family

Prateek said that in the midst of so many ups and downs in life, he is happy with what he has. Let us tell you that Prateek will soon be making his Bollywood debut with the movie Bhavai. Aside from this, he will be seen in the Amazon Mini TV short film Shimmy and Disney + Hotstar Suspects.


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