Prat Brands increased its turnover by 70% during 2021

Prat Brandsthe Tarragona eCommerce with six own brands, fitfiu, Greencut, Mc Haus, lalaloom, Playkin and ecogreenhas continued its growth trajectory during 2021 until increase your turnover by 70%going from 21 million euros net in 2020 to 36 million euros in the last financial year. This positive evolution leads him to foresee that, in 2022, the turnover of Prat Brands will skyrocket up to 49 million euros net.

the seal of Prat Brands that generates greater profits is the brand of fitness fitfiuwhat exceeds 22 million euros especially thanks to its line of treadmills: with its MC-200 model they have invoiced 5.56 million (increased sales by 24%); with its MC-100 model they have reached 3.27 million (with an increase of 14%); and with the MC-500 they have achieved 1.81 million (growing 8%).

The next business unit in terms of turnover is the garden accessories brand Greencutwhich has generated more than 13 million net benefits. They are followed by the designer furniture brand McHaus, with more than 3.1 million euros; the seal of children’s toys and furniture lalaloom, with more than 810,000 euros; and the toymaker Playkinwith about 466,000 euros.

Billing of Prat Brands

Of the total turnover of Prat Brands in 2021, 56% belongs to Spanish territoryWhile 44% belongs to the rest of the European Union. The eCommerce acquired a 4,200 m warehouse in September 2021two in Narbonne (France), according to Mireia Calvet, CEO of Prat Brands, due to the need to “reduce delivery time to France and the rest of the European Union, and also reduce travel costs”. With that addition, Prat Brands has reached the 21,500mtwo managed warehouse. A continuous growth that has led him to double his work team in 2021, reaching the 100 people in the workforce.

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sales of Prat Brands are produced through 12 main sales channelsamong which are 4 own online storesplus partners like Amazon, eBay, FNAC, ManoMano, Privalia, Rakuten, or Carrefour. eCommerce manages, through all these channels, more than 1,000 references of which he has sold more than 368,000 units throughout 2021, for which it has had to import 718 containers with products from its six own brands. The intention of eCommerce is, he explains Calvet, “Improving the knowledge of our own brands, becoming a benchmark brand in southern Europe in each of the sectors in which we work, as well as continuing to expand our business to more regions in northern Europe.”

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