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Prado makes things clear

Prado makes things clear

He has done it in his own way, without risking and imparting a pace that was unattainable from the start. The sixth qualifying win for Jorge Prado came in an indisputable way and was the perfect way to demonstrate who rules in MXGP. With the classification tighter than ever and the need to put land in between with Herlings, the Spanish He knew how to handle his position at all times, unseat his greatest rival from the head at the first change and set things straight at a time when those three extra points (the advantage of the GasGas driver is now 18 against the Dutchman), could be much more important than expected. which may seem with the two main sleeves still not being held.

There is room for prudence but also for celebrations. Because Prado’s superiority at this start in Germany cannot be overlooked. She also flew over the sand and came to have almost nine seconds of advantage in front of his pursuers, among whom was a Herlings who impotence led him to leave too aggressive maneuvers. He played the game his way, with some other action in which the VAR would have intervened, the pitch being another and in the end the penalty It came naturally through a fall by Febvre that also conditioned the Dutchman. The second place was a matter of three and Seewer was more skilful than anyone with some other discreet appearance until the final one is made. It was two laps from the end, after a discreet but forceful marking of the Frenchman, who failed at the least opportune moment.

It was Seewer who had to find the gap to win second place and it was Febvre who gave it to him, through a fall from which he recovered to see the finish line in fifth position. Small loot compared to what could have been, but enough to defend against a Fernández who finished sixth, just behind the French. The Spaniard was around the leading group, but he did not have enough rhythm to battle for a podium from which Herlings also fell due to the irruption of Forato. The Italian surprised and the Dutch paid, while ahead Prado smiled. Victory returns and joy returns.

This is how the MXGP qualifying race turned out

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