Prado is the first leader of the World Cup

He world is your goal. He has never hidden it and in the classification of the Argentine GP motocross, first in the championship, has shown it. Jorge Prado He started out in the qualifying race, as usual, took the holeshot, as usual, and flew to the finish line to score the first ten points overall. The one that wants to lead at the end of the year.

Third appeared on GasGas to the first qualifying race of the year for the Motocross World Championship, which this season distributes points for the overall ranking among the top 10. The man from Lugo was ahead in timed training at Renaux and Febvre and behind Coldenhoff, Seewer and Ruben Fernandez. A top-6 in a second and four factories with three yamahaa Kawasakithe GasGas of Lugo and the Sling from Vigo.

And how did the first qualifier that distributes points start? Well, how the sleeves usually start in recent times: with Jorge Prado being the fastest and his partner got hooked Guadagnini and Ruben Fernandez, his countryman, but unable to keep up with his pace. they suffered at first Renaux and Febvrefalling to 7th and 8th place respectively, and so did Herlings, yielding to 15th.

With a clear path, the man from Lugo walked to the first 10 points of the year, while Guadagnini and Fernández fought for second place while watching behind their backs the pace of Pauls Jonass, engrossed in turn in other battles. As the laps went by the waters calmed down but only in front with the GasGas duo dominating. Fernández seemed solid closing the top-3 but gave in to Seewer’s push who, after overtaking him, crashed. then appeared Renaux, redone, who reached third place in the drawer, leaving Honda’s fourth. Behind, Febvre, vlanderen, coldenhoff, Jonass, Guillod and herlings to share the first points of the season. With which Jorge Prado is already the leader of the World Cup.


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