Prades: “The end has not been faithful to the good World Cup carried out”

José Ignacio Prades was this Sunday the image of the dejected man. The Spanish coach could not hide that at that time he was “disappointed, because the players have tried everything, but Denmark has been superior”. That and also that the good work of the National Team “after a great first phase” is diluted now.

“We have failed in the last two games, against Norway and Denmark, which with France were the designated teams to win the World Championship. Spain has finished in the top four, ahead of teams like Sweden, Russia, or the Netherlands, three other great teams that were looking to win.. That must be valued ”, comments the Alicante coach of the Guardés who this morning traveled to Galicia to pick up his family to return home for Christmas. “But the kids still have classes,” he says.

He gives a key that has not been fulfilled: “Spain, to win against Norway or Denmark, they have to play a perfect match. It couldn’t be done and that punishes you in this way ”. PRades knew, like everyone else in the National Team, that the only option was through defense. “And everything has been tried to correct the situations, but it has not been possible to achieve”.

In his analysis, Prades wants to highlight the behavior of the entire group during this time: “It has been four weeks of full dedication” to which you cannot put a single ‘but’. Nor does he believe that the National Team would run out of strength, but simply “fell a bit as the minutes passed. and despite the great effort made, the differences did not diminish, and that takes its toll ”. Regarding his future in the National Team, he does not hide that he would like to continue, “although this is not the time to talk about it. Maybe by February he will decide ”.

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