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Powerful storm hits Florida

The destructive storm “Ian” (Ian) caused destruction in the southwest of the American state of Florida (Florida). Accidents have occurred in many areas due to the wind blowing at a speed of two hundred and forty one kilometers per hour.

According to the news from the American media, many areas are facing flooding due to heavy rain due to this powerful category four storm.

In industrial areas, there is a risk of toxic substances spreading to different places. More than 18 million citizens are without electricity in different areas of Florida.

There is also a fear of spreading toxic waste in different places in the industrial areas.

Due to this storm, heavy rain is continuing in different parts of the state due to which the low-lying areas are facing floods.

Despite clear warnings, those who did not relocate are now afraid to even step out of their homes.

States of emergency have already been declared in the states of North and South Carolina due to the severity of the storm.

The intensity of the storm is so strong that it has also pushed water out of Tampa Bay, causing the water level to drop to less than a foot in some areas.



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