Poultry farmers achieve production record for January 2023 with 19.6 million chickens

The Dominican Republic has a record production of 19.6 million of chicken units for January 2023, an offer that will be placed on the market from the beginning of next year, which exceeds that of the same period, but of 2022, by more than 300 thousand units.

This was stated by José López, president of the Dominican Poultry Association (ADA), when indicating that farm production for the January 2023 offer is equivalent to more than RD$4,500 million pesos, as market value of live chicken. farm.

“The ADA guarantees a timely supply of this product, which is essential in the basic basket, since it constitutes the main protein in the Dominican diet”accurate.

López indicated that the record production for January 2023 represents more than 43,000 tons of meat, which can be purchased at the various sales points for this product.

The business leader stressed that the production of chickens for all of 2023, augurs that the Government does not have to import this product from the basic basket.

He reminded the population that during this month of December, the Dominican Poultry Association (ADA), the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Institute for Price Stabilization (Inespre), maintain a popular sales operation for 1.5 million of nationally produced chickens, at 150 pesos per unit, weighing more than three and a half pounds and an investment of more than 400 million pesos.

José López highlighted the importance of chicken, a protein that has become essential in the diet of families in the country. Statistics indicate that each month chicken consumption is around 18 million Of units.

He said that this sector is responsible for the creation of 26,500 jobs, with a direct investment of RD$40 billion. In the country there are around 450 chicken producers, who generate some RD$58 billion annually, making the Dominican Republic the most productive nation in Central America and the Caribbean.


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