On the sidelines of Olivier Véran’s announcements on the health plan this Thursday, the Ministry of Labor unveiled the new restrictions to come in business. The national company protocol will thus (slightly) evolve to cope with the rebound of Covid-19, as the Ministry of Labor indicated this Thursday, November 25, after a meeting with the social partners. In terms of collective catering, “in the absence of a sanitary pass in these places, and in the context of the resumption of the epidemic, we plan to return to a rule of two meters between each person at the table, since the mask is not worn, ”the ministry said. We would then return to the rule of 8 square meters per employee in company canteens, already implemented on March 23, before being abolished on June 9.

On moments of conviviality, the corporate health protocol – which is the reference document to ensure the health and safety of employees and the pursuit of economic activity in the face of Covid-19 – will specify that these moments are not ” more recommended “. “If they are all the same organized, they must be done in the respect of barrier gestures, and in particular the distance of two meters between each person when the wearing of the mask cannot be ensured”, specified the ministry.

The rules on ventilation will also be “clarified”, the ministry putting forward “an essential measure of prevention of situations of dissemination of the virus”. “The importance of ventilation and regular ventilation of the premises was recalled (during the meeting with the social partners, editor’s note). Regarding CO2 sensors, they can be useful in certain cases,” he said. added. The new version of the health protocol will be sent this Thursday afternoon to the social partners, for publication scheduled for Monday, November 29.

The rules for teleworking will not be toughened

On the other hand, with regard to teleworking, the government confirms information already given on November 18: to date, no modification of the protocol is planned. The Minister, Elisabeth Borne, nevertheless invited employers “to facilitate its deployment, taking into account the challenges of work organization, the risks associated with the isolation of employees, or even the difficulty in respecting barrier gestures”.

Since September, the protocol no longer provides for a minimum number of days for teleworking. It provides that “employers set, within the framework of local social dialogue, the methods of recourse” to teleworking. Adjusted several times, the protocol had in particular imposed for several months teleworking as a rule from October 2020. It had been “increased to 100% for employees who can perform all of their tasks remotely”. But now, “we must trust the social dialogue. The idea is not to go towards complete teleworking,” insists Cyril Chabanier, the president of the CFTC. “Teleworking must be a barrier gesture among others. We do not defend telework 100%,” added Béatrice Clicq, of Force Ouvrière.


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