PostNL’s crypto stamp NFT; pre-sale start & surprising design

PostNL today unveils the design of the very first Dutch crypto stamp. A bull is proudly displayed on the stamp between the Dutch tulips and the Dutch tricolor. With the unveiling of the design, the pre-sale of this very first NL crypto stamp has also started. And comes the “Crypto Chase” of the past few weeks has officially come to an end.

The Denouement of the Crypto Chase

More than 2,000 people took part, but only 5% of the participants actually managed to guess the correct animal.

We’ve been hinting every week for the past four weeks about the animal that will be featured on PostNL’s NFT crypto stamps. Those who have tried to solve each clue separately will probably have noticed that this was not very easy.

By linking all four hints, only the most astute participants were able to arrive at the correct answer. Let’s take a look at the answer again:


Herman is the name of the famous genetically modified bull. So the first stamp sheetlet was not about the circus animals, but about the name of the circus (yes, a bit mean 😉). Then the farm life passed by twice, and a bull is of course a farm animal. Finally, KPN’s IPO was discussed.

A bull, or bull, is of course inextricably linked to life on the stock exchange. The bull has become a true icon within the world of investing and investing. Terms such as bull market or bullish also occur almost daily within the crypto market. For that reason, the bull fits perfectly on crypto stamps in NFT form.

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postnl_stier_cryptopostzegel_nftThe pre-sale has started!

It was not easy, but the greater is the reward. Those who have given the correct answer will have received an email in their inbox in the meantime with further instructions. Anyone who has secured a spot on the whitelist is guaranteed to buy a crypto stamp. They are reserved for them.

Did you fish behind the net? All is not lost yet! Because, from today 10.00 pm the pre-sale!

Be quick because the edition is limited and the interest is expected to be huge. The NL crypto stamp is for sale on the PostNL pre-sale page.

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