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PostNL is preparing a new move in the crypto industry: crypto wallet hacking

PostNL is preparing a new move in the crypto industry: crypto wallet hacking

The paths of stamps and crypto cross again. After the huge success of their first NFT collection last year, PostNL is preparing for a second, even more exciting launch. A unique opportunity that every crypto enthusiast and collector should not miss.

PostNL “NL crypto stamp”

About a year ago, PostNL confidently and passionately entered the world of cryptocurrencies with its first-ever collection of NFT crypto stamps. This “NL crypto stamp” quickly made waves in the Dutch crypto and collector community and the launch was a huge success. So big that PostNL will soon be launching a second collection.

In keeping with the tradition started last year, the launch of the new crypto stamps will be accompanied by a challenging game: Hack the Crypto Wallet. An exceptional prize awaits the lucky (and smart) entrant: a gold crypto stamp studded with 20 grams of pure gold, worth over €1,100 at the time of writing.

How can I participate?

Each week, participants will receive a hint that will bring them closer to the right password for the crypto wallet. This takes four weeks. Whoever enters the correct password first wins the coveted golden crypto stamp. Luckily, there are also consolation prizes up for grabs for those who miss the net: 10 Crypto Insiders premium subscriptions, 5 of the new NL crypto brand 2, 5 prizes worth €50 in crypto and 5 crypto books. So something for everyone.


The “crypto wallet hack” mystery begins next Wednesday, September 13th and will last for four weeks. The new crypto stamps will go on sale later, but little is known about them at this time.

Given the huge success and quick sell-out of the first NL crypto stamp series, it’s wise to remain vigilant. Finally, the demand was huge and the crypto stamps of the first series flew over the digital counter. If you missed the chance to get your hands on the first NL crypto stamp, make sure you’re on time this time! After all, the edition is limited again.

Keep an eye on Crypto Insiders in the near future to not miss the first clue to the mystery. Who knows, you might win a unique and valuable prize.

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