It is that time again. A new round of the game that gives you a chance to win the whitelist to arrive before the very first NFT crypto stamp from PostNL has arrived. Last week the first hint was given in the riddle and today it is time for the second round. Play along and maybe you will get a spot on the coveted whitelist.


NL Crypto Stamp

PostNL’s Crypto Chase has been set up in collaboration with Crypto Insiders to ensure that interested parties can safely get their hands on a unique NFT crypto stamp, the NL crypto stamp, when it goes on sale on September 2. The circulation is limited and similar actions in other countries have shown that the NFT crypto stamps like hot cakes go over the counter.

You can get your hands on such a spot on the whitelist by playing in a game; the crypto chase. Every week PostNL will give a hint about the animal that will be featured on the NL crypto stamp. If you know the correct answer after studying the hints, you can win the NFT crypto stamps!

The first hint was revealed last week. If you happened to miss the kick-off of the Crypto Chase, you can here still reading.


Typically Dutch

In 2020, the Typically Dutch stamp series had the theme ‘Types of housing and facades that are characteristic of our country.’ In the issue of January 4, the stolpboerderij was the focus. The square farmhouse with a pyramid-shaped roof was created in the middle of the 16th century in North Holland. Characteristic of this Dutch farm type is that the entire farm – people, animals and harvest – was brought together under one roof.

Image 1: The second hint in the Crypto Chase

An animal that lives around this farm could just be the beast on the stamp!

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A new hint will follow next week

That means we are already halfway through the Crypto Chase and only two more hints will follow. The answer may slowly become clear, but you may need even more hints to arrive at the correct answer. That’s no problem at all, the point is that at the end of the game you can make the connection between the different hints.

The third hint will appear here on Crypto Insiders in exactly one week. So keep an eye on the website!

For more information about the NL Crypto Stamp you can: here click.