Post in support of Ashraf Ghani’s Taliban government?

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Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has shared a post on his Facebook account in which he says that some countries are encouraging a new crisis in Afghanistan through our former ambassadors.

Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, based in Dubai, said in a post that “we and our former cabinet do not have control over Afghanistan at the moment, but some countries still encourage our former ambassadors and other representatives to create a new crisis in Afghanistan.” Are doing

A statement from Ashraf Ghani’s official Facebook page further said that Ghulam Muhammad Ishaqzai was addressing the UN General Assembly today in a situation where there was no government or public support behind him. He said he could not represent the current government under any law.

Ashraf Ghani also appealed to the international community to talk to the current government instead of staying away from the Afghan nation and to recognize the Taliban government by releasing the frozen budget of the Afghan nation.

The post added that the international community must understand that if Afghanistan wants prosperity and peace, it must extend a hand of friendship to it because it cannot subdue the country through hostility.

On the other hand, a tweet from Ashraf Ghani’s Twitter account states that his official Facebook account has been hacked and the content posted from this account should not be considered valid until it is restored.


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