Possibility of opening of Kartarpur corridor by Indian government

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The Kartarpur corridor is expected to open on November 19 by the Indian government.

According to Indian media, a delegation of BJP Sikh MPs met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 15. In the meeting, the members requested for opening of Kartarpur corridor on behalf of India. The Kartarpur corridor is expected to be opened by the Indian government on the 19th of this month.

It is also worth mentioning here that all the Sikh organizations in India had also put pressure on the government to open the corridor.

India had closed the Kartarpur corridor on March 16, 2020 due to Karuna, while the head of the Pakistan Derelict Waqf Property Board, Dr. Amir, said that India had not yet been officially informed about the reopening of the corridor.

On the other hand, Sikh pilgrims have been allowed to attend celebrations in Pakistan on Baba Guru Nanak’s birthday. Sikh pilgrims from all over Pakistan will attend Baba Guru Nanak’s birthday celebrations.

Baba Guru Nanak’s 552nd birthday is being celebrated from November 17 to 26, with Sikh pilgrims from India, USA, UK, Afghanistan and Canada and other countries participating in the celebrations.

Earlier, Sikhs from Afghanistan reached Pakistan via Torkham border, while 10 Sikh pilgrims entered Pakistan via Torkham.

The Sikh pilgrims include 4 men and 6 women. The Sikh pilgrims thanked the Pakistani government and said that Pakistan has always taken care of the religious sentiments of the Sikh community. The Sikh community has always been allowed to perform religious rites.

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Sikh pilgrims from India will reach Pakistan on November 17 via Wagah border. Sikh pilgrims will also visit Kartarpur Darbar during the celebrations.


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