Positive case of coronavirus in the Argentine delegation

A positive result in coronavirus threw the test carried out on the 72 members of the Argentine delegation that make up and surround the national team that is concentrated at the AFA property, in Ezeiza, awaiting the commitment of the tenth date of the South American Qualifiers this Thursday against Bolivia at the Monumental stadium.

“The results of the Argentine delegation yielded negative results except for one staff member, who tested positive. the same is fulfilling isolation as well as a close contact, both with all the corresponding protocols “, was the informative text that the AFA issued on Tuesday night in its account of the Argentine National Team.

The national representative arrived in Ezeiza in the early hours of this Monday from Brazil, after the truncated match with the national team for the sixth pending date since March of this year.

After the match with the Bolivian team, the Argentine footballers will return to their respective soccer destinations and meet again at the beginning of next month. when they face another triple round of Qualifiers, on October 7 as visitors from Paraguay, for the eleventh day, and then as locals for Uruguay (pending the fifth) and Peru (twelfth).


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