Porzingis assumes responsibility before the MVP and the plan goes well

The Mavericks They climb positions in the Western Conference and pass, with their victory, to which team they have won this last morning, the Nuggets. A second game in two consecutive nights for Mike Malone’s side, who had just beaten Portland at home and had to face a duel in Dallas within hours, was too steep a hill for the visitors here, who lost 111-101 . He did not have time to recover Will Barton, so the rotation suffered once again and it was noticed in a last quarter in which the local freshness did to win the game.

Doncic’s condition worries, despite having won. The Slovenian was injured already with the match controlled, in one of the last days, and retired before ending up with a sprained ankle he is being examined for to see if it doesn’t translate into a sprain. In a layup attempt by Austin Rivers, the Mavs went to block and the opponent fell just above Luka Doncic’s left ankle. There were only 45 seconds left in the game, so the bad leg is double or triple: the difference was thirteen points and there were only two or three plays left, taking out the starters could have been avoided. The young European point guard came from a difficult night when it came to pitching but knowing how to delegate to others so that his side could win the victory, as it ended up being.

It was Porzingis the one who stepped forward for the Mavericks to go to the showers with one more in the green qualifying box. The Latvian was tested more as a center for more minutes than usual, in which he plays more openly. Kidd went to change roles the same day that last season’s best player arrived in town not in his position but in the entire League, Jokic, but Porzee defended himself gallantly. His 29 + 11 was not the 35 + 16 of his opponent, but it served to be the best of his team, with a shot selection that did not harm productivity, and resolve.

It was not an easy start for Texans. The two teams left the painting like a solar, finishing the plays in the center, and there someone who dominates it as much as Jokic could do and undo. In fact it was a shame for them because, playing better, they lost the first quarter. The departure of Brunson, again a luxury backup for Kidd, gave the Mavs a second boost, closing that opening set with a 3-pointer over the horn. The rotation was going to be difficult in Denver and Malone decided to give Bol Bol quality minutes, but they were not enough: the South Sudanese made a triple, added two more baskets near the rim and was about to put a block to Hardaway, nothing valid for that his coach lengthened his stay on the track. Denver took command on the scoreboard thanks to those plays, little joke with the kid. The headlines came out too fast, also to replace a more errant Facu Campazzo than yesterday (0/3), and Jokic kept digging into the wound of some troubled Mavs to score.

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Those from Dallas were about to meet. Jokic pupated. On the return to the court after the break the gap continued to grow, with Powell being unable to stop the Serbian. Above ten without a solution. The coach, so questioned by the fans, put it. After scoring a couple of triples Porzingis became a center for a few minutes and there the distance was reduced to four after a triple corner by Ntilikina. It was, however, with two more tests that the Nuggets fell. Marjanovic came in against his compatriot to leave a pair of well-finished plays and the Mavs bet on five shorts at Nikola’s break, the moment the game exploded. Bullock, Hardaway and Finney-Smith blew up everything they had room to throw at. When Porzingis returned, he absorbed well being the reference in the area and led to plays by Brunson or Doncic, who even put a body on Jokic and with Nowitzki’s signature move. For Luka (9/23) the night was passable until the injury arrived, which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the franchise while waiting for something sweeter news.

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