Portugal leaves Spain without options in the World Cup

The Spanish selectionwho had assembled an outstanding group of players with a future, who is the current European champion, who had traveled to the Junior World Cup very hopefulin the fourth game he practically says goodbye to any option to fight to be with the best. The setback against the Faroe Islands was already a wake-up call to avoid trust, and today second defeat: 31-33 (20-19) against Portugal. Then the island team beat Brazil (33-27) so this Monday’s clash against the Brazilians in Hannover (6:00 p.m.) is simply for pride.

The defeat against Portugal has been very painful due to its importance, but much more because of the game played by Spain. In the end, the statistics are definitive: 10 lost by the Hispanics and three by the Portuguese; the last one, when the heroic tie was sought and it was possible (31-32), a long and meaningless shot with 15 seconds to go cut off the recovery forever: Portuguese recovery with a goal.

Spain started badly. Portugal had a 2-7 lead in the 8th minute. But from that moment everything changed even if the defense was not solid. Domenech entered the goal, and Nieto and Gurri began to work in attack. At minute 20, Spain was already in command: 15-14, and it seemed that they had entered into the dynamics of dominating the game.

Upon returning from the break, however, he already showed that that did not workthat the 6-0 lacked mobility, that the 5-1 was more positive, and that the Portuguese had no problem adding. With less than two minutes remaining, Spain bet on all or nothing, a defense with three advanced players, which seemed too late due to the time remaining, but there was an option for a comeback: with 31-32and the last loss occurred, 31-33, and goodbye to everyone’s dreams.

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