Portugal is the 4th country with the most expensive mobile data in the European Union

The price of mobile data can vary considerably from one country to another. In Portugal, consumers rely on national operators such as MEO, NOS and Vodafone Portugal, as well as NOWO as telecommunications providers.

It is these entities, commonly known as telecommunications operators, that dictate the price of Internet access, whether through a fixed connection or Internet from home, or through mobile data.

Having said that, we take a closer look at the reality of the telecommunications market in Europe and, in particular, the position of Portugal.

MEO, NOS, NOWO and Vodafone Portugal are the main operators

MEO, NOS, Vodafone Portugal
Source: Cable.co.uk

The conclusions are based on the most recent study of hello sure Portugal. The research carried out the analysis of the price of a gigabyte (GB) of mobile data in the world. In this way, it becomes possible to compare Portugal with other countries.

Among the most outstanding aspects indicated by the entity in question are the following:

  1. To use mobile Internet, The Portuguese pay 58.4% more than the rest of the EU and find prices above those of 23 countries
  2. Despite the still high price, Portugal had a 73.8% reduction in the value of GB in 3 years
  3. At more than €4 per GB, Africa is the most expensive continent for mobile data in 2022

More specifically, when analyzing the price of a gigabyte of mobile data around the world, we see that some countries offer very advantageous rates. Israel (0.04 euros), Italy (0.12 euros) and Fiji (0.15 euros). These are the cheapest countries in the world for one GB of mobile data in 2022.

France is also among the ten cheapest countries, with a price of €0.23 per GB, ranking sixth. However, Portugal was in a much less unfavorable position, ranking 180th in the world, out of 233 countries and territories analysed.

The Portuguese pay 58.4% more for mobile data than the rest of Europe

To arrive at the average price paid for mobile data in Portugal, 16 plans were analysed. The average amount paid in 2022 was 3.66 euros. This value places Portugal in the 4th place in the European Union with the most expensive price per 1 GB.

The Portuguese nation is only behind Finland, Cyprus and Greece, the situation of Portugal is the opposite of that of its neighbors France and Spain, which today pay around 0.23 and 0.60 euros per gigabyte, respectively.

On the other hand, if we compare it with the average price in Europe, which is 2.31 euros, the Portuguese pay 58.4% more for a gig.

Price still high but reduced by 73.8% in GB value in 3 years

There is, however, a note of relief. Although the price of a giga in Portugal is well above other countries and, mainly, the European Union, the scenario has been positive since 2019.

In three years, the country had a reduction of 73.8%, going from 13.98 euros in 2019 to the current average of 3.66 euros. In fact, the country is one of those that saw the biggest price reduction during the period in Europe, a metric that is very popular with operators in Portugal.

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