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Portugal government’s decision to issue special visas for foreigners

پرتگال ویزا

Lisbon: It has been decided to issue a special visa for foreigners in the southern European peninsula country of Portugal, the government has taken this step to improve the country’s economy.

The government of Portugal has this week revealed plans to introduce a new work visa for those who prefer to work abroad.

of schengen visa info.com According to the report The new work visa allows internationals to live and work legally in Portugal for companies based outside the country.

By launching the new “Digital Nomad Visa,” Portugal will join the list of countries that already offer opportunities to all internationals who plan to work abroad.

Earlier, Portugal’s tourism board launched a new campaign to attract more expats, encouraging UK visitors to come and live in Portugal for companies outside the country. Work from outside the border should be targeted.

Additionally, with a total of 35 million digital nomads in countries around the world, searches for digital nomad visas have grown a total of 376% over the past two years, according to a report provided by GlobeTrends.

Currently, other European countries such as Spain, Latvia, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania have also introduced their digital nomad visa schemes to help grow their economies by creating new jobs for international citizens. can go.

Fortune reports that workers need proof of employment from a company based outside the country, as well as proof that the applicant is a non-EU or European Economic Area resident.

In Portugal, which borders Spain, authorities are constantly looking for new ways to bring a large number of internationals into the country.

The European country keeps its doors open to all internationals who run a business in Portugal, work remotely or live in the country. One way to bring in a large number of foreign workers is through digital nomad visas.

However, the authorities in Portugal have not provided detailed information regarding the start date of the digital nomad visa or the wage requirements.

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