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Portu begs Girona FC to step out of the Bordalás corset

The implementation of the purchase option that the Azulón team had with the Murcia forward was a sign that the Alicante coach would count on him, but on the last day of the market, fans realized that was not the case.

Cristian Portugués Manzanera, better known as Portu, arrived in Getafe for the 2022 summer market and it is to this one that has not yet closed that he wants to return Girona F.C. And that’s it after Blue club After paying 3.5% to Real Sociedad to exercise their call option, everyone thought this was in José Bordalás’ plans.

The truth is that the right winger doesn’t feel comfortable in the Madrid squad and would have asked Rubén Reyes’ sporting directorate to leave him. At the same time, Portu gave FC Girona the instruction to agree to the transfer under all conditions. Apparently, Ángel Torres wants to get back the investment he just made.

Port of Girona
The player begs to return to Girona where his performance was better than at Getafe.

At Girona FC, they support Portu’s return

Despite the fact that the side led by Míchel have three troops in the right offensive zone, the manager would have given the go-ahead for the Murcian’s return. In addition, of the seven establishments that the Girona team closed in this market, three were destined for the front lot. Despite this, Delfí Geli wants to continue this new transaction maneuver.

Portu has already collected minutes with the Madrid side this season but still insists on leaving the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez. The main reason is that he doesn’t have the starting XI role he had last season when he was under Quique Sánchez’s management. Therefore, the player is more than determined to return to Montilivi.

Although Getafe CF is demanding the 3.5 million for Portu, Girona will first apply for a loan

Ángel Torres, president and owner of the Azulón team, indicated that he would like to recoup the investment he just made in running the far right. Apparently there was a mandatory purchase option agreed with the Royal Society for 3.5 kilos. Likewise, that would be the price the Catalan side would have to pay if they wanted Beniel’s forward.

The sporting management of Girona around Quique Cárcel, on the other hand, would demand a transfer with a possible purchase option. And the price to pay in 2024 would be the 3.5 million euros they are asking from the offices in Getafe. There are only a few hours until the summer market 2023 finally closes and every minute is valuable.

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