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Portrait of Lampedusa: the images that show the chaos of the historic wave of migration

Portrait of Lampedusa: the images that show the chaos of the historic wave of migration

The arrival of more than 10,000 immigrants in just 96 hours has led to one Absolute chaos on the Italian island of Lampedusa. The city council of tiny Lampedusa, off the African coast, has declared a state of emergency in recent days to demand help from the Italian government, chaired by the far-right Giorgia Meloni.

The images of the migration wave show crowds of people at the port of Favaloro who, after waiting for hours, demand accommodation and sometimes leave again Tense scenes ensue when they are contained by a chain of financial guard agents (Italian Border Police).

Since midnight this Friday 204 more migrants have arrived on the coast of Lampedusa, including many women and children, after the rescue of five boats by the captain’s and finance guard patrols. This is a lower number than registered since Tuesday, but migratory pressure on the Italian island continues.

During the long wait, the newly arrived immigrants affirm their intention to come to France: “I want to go to France! There is social assistance in France! I know this because it’s talked about everywhere, on TV!”. Hundreds of Red Cross volunteers are appealing for calm in the face of the avalanches and, together with police officers, are distributing water and food to migrants crowded on the edge of this critical point in Lampedusa.

Other images show migrants climbing over the fences of the reception centers to escape them. On the same day they celebrate their arrival in Europe with music, dancing and partying.

This wave leaves behind historical figures. So far this year, 123,863 immigrants have landed in Italy, almost twice as many as in the same period in 2022 (65,517)..

Given the great migratory pressure that Italy is suffering from, Unicef ​​​​and UNHCR, both UN organizations, have called for more support and solidarity from the EU. “Coordinated search and rescue mechanisms are still necessary, but also greater European solidarity towards the countries of first arrival,” demands Unicef.

The organization that focuses on children’s rights points this out “Many minors have disembarked in the last few hours” According to EFE, many of them are victims of “exploitation and violence” who need immediate help.

However, Unicef ​​and UNHCR, in separate communications, acknowledge the difficulties posed by the massive influx of people and appreciate the efforts of all actors involved, including the Italian authorities.

Meloni’s answer

“We are working every day to fulfill the commitments we signed with you in all areas, from restoring legality to fighting illegal immigration,” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said in a statement on her social networks .

“I announce that I have written to the President of the European Commission to ask her to come with me to Lampedusa to see in person the seriousness of the situation we are facing,” the leader said the Italian executive in a video released at the end of this month. Friday.

Meloni called for the immediate acceleration of the implementation of the migration agreement signed with Tunisia last July, which includes macro-financial assistance offered by the European Commission.

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