Portland Trail Blazers crucial decision to retain Lillard

After a disappointing 2023, the paths of Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers could part forever to make way for a rebuild

After several years of chasing a ring that has been impossible, Portland Trail Blazers could choose to transfer to Damian Lillard. The great star of the team, for many the best player who has ever worn the Oregon franchise jersey, has just completed one of the best seasons of his career. However, the team has not lived up to its level on the floor.

The level of the team has been so bad in recent months of competition that they have ended up having one of the worst records in the NBA. Something that has allowed them to get the third pick in the 2023 Draft. A very good choice and thanks to which they will be able to choose a promising player. And depending on the choice, Lillard’s departure from Portland Trail Blazers could be closer.

Lillard, closer to leaving the Blazers
Lillard’s future will depend on Portland’s choice in the Draft

Lillard’s future in the Blazers goes through the NBA Draft

As we discussed just a few days ago, Damian Lillard’s future would depend on the Draft. If the Blazers have the option of taking a prospect like Scoot Henderson, who plays point guard, it wouldn’t make sense for them to keep Lillard on the team. But falling into position three, all are doubts, as they will depend on what the Charlotte Hornets do.

the position number 1 in the Draft is undisputed for Wembanyama, but in the second and third there are much more doubts. Everything seemed to indicate that Scoot Henderson would be the second, but his synergy with Lamelo Ball, with whom he could coincide in the Charlotte Hornets, does not seem to be the best possible. That’s why they could choose to select Brandon Miller.

Charlotte Hornets will mark the future of Lillard

Yes finally Brandon Miller ends up heading to Charlotte Hornets, for the Portland Trail Blazers it will not make sense to retain Lillard. However, if the Alabama youngster is selected by the Oregon franchise, they could opt to leave Lillard as the team’s veteran. That is why everything will depend on what happens in the Draft.

Be that as it may, Damian Lillard’s future in the Portland Trail Blazers is still up in the air. Reconstruction is increasingly necessary for a team that has very promising young players like Anfernee Simmons or Shaedon Sharpe, who will have to be joined by Brandon Miller or Scoot Henderson. A young team in which Lillard has no place, whose objective is to get a ring.

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