Portillo leaves Garitano without a net

When the bad dynamics engulf you, it costs a world to come out afloat. Ask Leganés and Garitano, who did everything and more in the Mediterranean Games to add and return empty-handed to Butarque. Quite the opposite of Almería, which is packed and also wins games by inertia. This time he just needed a shot between the three posts of Portillo to stay with three gold points that reaffirm him as leader and that they leave Garitano without a net.

The rojiblanco team did not have the day, but they survived clinging to Fernando and also to the errors of a winged Leganés who left empty but was superior in play and at times despite the numerous casualties.

Garitano marked his team as a goal to improve defensively to take flight. But it did not have a conservative staging, much less Leganés, who far from getting into the cave sent for many minutes in the game. His was the first occasion of the meeting. Palencia crossed at the near post, Eraso beat Babic and Fernando aborted the 0-1 score with a good hand.

Almería did not need more than that, one chance, to open the game and put the pepineros back on the ropes. The quality of the rojiblancos emerged in an excellent combination drawn by Samu, Lazo and Sadiq. The Nigerian’s shot beat Iván Villar but Palencia cleared it. The clearance, yes, ended at the feet of Portillo, who with all the coldness in the world settled the ball and executed the 1-0 with precision.

Leganés Shield / Flag

The rojiblancos found in the goal the perfect argument to let themselves be dominated and try to exploit the spaces. Leganés advanced lines and Fede Vico gave a warning before the break. After the intermission, the first to threaten was Almería, but Puigmal’s shot brushed past Iván Villar’s right post. Yes, Randjelovic’s later attempt caught the goal, but Fernando does not stop confirming the reason for his indisputable ownership to the detriment of Makaridze.

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Sadiq, less inspired than usual, sinned selfishly and let several dangerous cons that kept Leganés alive until the end. The visitors did not lose faith, they pushed relentlessly and deserved a much greater prize. But when they did not run into Fernando, they failed incomprehensibly. Arnáiz was the image of the cucumber uneasiness. Despite his talent, he does not finish catching the pulse of the new role of emergency forward, as revealed when He forgave the tie to empty goal after a misunderstanding between Chumi and the rojiblanco goal and a horrible clearance from the local defender.

Fernando’s stoppage catalog had a header from Juan Muñoz left at the edge of 90 ‘. In the other goal, Iván Villar left without making a single intervention. The only rojiblanco shot on goal gave three points to an Almería who also knows how to win without brilliance and remains a solid leader. In Leganés, to add insult to injury, he saw a very exaggerated red Sergio González in the discount that will add to the part of casualties for the next day, to which the Madrilenians will arrive stuck in the well. It remains to be seen if Garitano resists this new setback. Almería is very touched.


Water well (55 ‘, José Carlos), Naim Garcia (63 ‘, Fede Vico), Curro (66 ‘, Arnau Martínez), Seydouba Cisse (73 ‘, Luis Perea), Dyego sousa (77 ‘, Sadiq), Arvin appiah (77 ‘, Portillo), Mario rivas (86 ‘, Eraso), Juan Muñoz (86 ‘, Arnáiz)


Referee: Iosu Galech Apezteguía
VAR Referee: Víctor Areces Franco
Lazar Randelovic (4 ‘, Yellow) Akieme (88 ‘, Yellow) Sergio (91 ‘, Red

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