Popular presents BIZ commercial card portfolio

Banco Popular Dominicano (BPD), in the celebration of the ninth edition of the Impulsa Popular Forum, informed its business clients of the best tools and strategies based on the intelligent use of data and advanced analytics and how its application helps them to connect with their consumers and get to know them in depth to drive business to a higher level.

The forum included presentations by professionals and national and international experts in strategic data management, trends in digital payments and culture of cyber security and risk management, among other topics.

The guests learned with the presentations “The bionic revolution: the power of data”, by Gonzalo Troncoso, partner of Boston Consulting Group, and “Ten trends that will shape the payment landscape”, with Sofía Antor, general manager of VISA for Dominican Republic.

The vice president of Popular’s Planning Area, Omar Silié, explained that new technologies and digitization provide a greater volume of data that paves the way for new opportunities.

“The use of data and analytics is a strategic pillar of our financial institution, which encourages us to move faster and anticipate the needs and expectations of our clients, knowing precisely their priorities,” he said.

The audience also enjoyed a panel by Brian Hansen, Director of Security at MasterCard, and Federico Muller, Cloud Solutions Architecture Manager at Microsoft, accompanied by Diego Laverde, Vice President of Popular’s Information Security Area, in the panel “Approach towards a culture of cybersecurity”.

Innovate with data intelligence

The executive president of Banco Popular Dominicano, Christopher Paniagua, at the Impulsa Popular 2023 Forum.

The executive president of Banco Popular Dominicano, Christopher Paniagua, at the Impulsa Popular 2023 Forum.External source

In his welcoming remarks, the executive president of Banco Popular, Christopher Paniagua, talked about how this forum offers new tools and perspectives to businesses so that they continue to gain agility, adapt and achieve new goals.

“We were born with the clear vision of contributing to the economic, social, and institutional growth of the nation. This forum and the rest of the initiatives of our Impulsa Popular program are good examples of the commitment we have with our small and medium-sized companies”, he expressed.

New BIZ commercial card portfolio

Among the solutions that Popular offers, the financial entity presented at the Impulsa Business Forum the new portfolio of commercial credit cards under the name of BIZ, with a wide catalog of benefits and an image of optimism to help boost the competitiveness of various business, commercial and SME clients of the bank.

The new portfolio is made up of the Impulsa, Advance, Excelsa, Drive, DP World and Business Debit cards, whose business users will also have +Control at their disposal, a tool to manage consumption, allowing to define amounts, geographical area, hours or types of trade.

The Impulsa, Advance and Excelsa cards will have a preferential financing rate of 0% for new clients of these cards, in an introductory manner, later adjusted to a competitive financing rate.

Impulsa card holders will enjoy a robust loyalty plan with Popular Miles, with welcome bonuses and additional miles for purchases in selected categories; Excelsa will grant access to waiting rooms at local and international airports (Loungekey), while Advance will have exclusive refund or cashback percentages on all local consumption and, especially, on service payments.

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