Pope Francisco:

Pope Francis pointed out the lack of sexual education as a problem for young people and affirmed that pornography is “the grossest commercialization of love”, during a closing ceremony of the first World Congress of “Educational Ecocities”.

“Pornography is, right now, the crudest commercialization of love”affirmed the Pontiff after indicating that education “is a duty of society and of parents”, who among their tasks have to prepare the youngest so that they know “what is love in life.

“Due to the lack of sexual education, love is commercialized. Love is not to be commercialized and (young people) should not be used,” said Francisco when responding to a question posed by one of the participants from the Scholas organization from Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) on sexual violence and the educational system.

The Pontiff spoke from Rome, via videoconference, with young people from Argentina, the United States, Mexico and the Colombian Amazon, as well as a group from a residence in Spain where the elderly receive regular visits from students.

Each of the participants expressed to the Pope their doubts about the future of society, to receive his advice, although at the event the pontiff also confirmed his intention to travel to Argentina, his native country, next year.

On the coexistence between old and young, the Argentine stressed that it is necessary for a society to “survive.”

“A society is spoiled when the union of the root with the trunk is lost, if we do not unite with the roots, if we do not receive the sap from there, we dry up”, He maintained before warning that in “some sectors of society the old are hidden.”

“The elderly must not be kept, and they must also learn from the young, from their illusion”, he added when addressing the participants of the “Be Together” program, which unites several generations at the Claret Residence in Granada (Spain).

During the event, Francisco was also consulted about violence in the United States, a “crisis” about which he assured that it will only be possible to go out “together”.

“You don’t come out of a crisis the same, you come out better or worse, you have to risk it to try to come out better,” he said, lamenting that “unfortunately some measures taken against the crisis do not help” without making more political references.

The act also served as the closing ceremony of the first World Congress of “Educational Ecocities”, organized by the Scholas Occurrentes Pontifical Foundation and the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) and in which 50 mayors of Ibero-American cities discussed sustainable development this week .

Scholas Occurrentes is an International Organization of Pontifical Right created by decree of Pope Francis, which is present in 190 countries and which through its network integrates more than half a million schools and educational networks.

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