Pope Francis called to receive those fleeing Afghanistan

The Pope Francis called for more countries to host refugees fleeing Afghanistan after the return to power of the Taliban.

“In these times of turmoil, when Afghans seek refuge, I pray for the most vulnerable among them; I pray that many countries welcome and protect those seeking a new life“Francis said this Sunday after the Angelus prayer.

The Pope also prayed for those Afghans who decided to stay in the country “so that they can have the necessary assistance and protection.”

“That young Afghans receive an education, an essential asset for human development, and that all Afghans, whether at home, in transit or in host countries, live in dignity, in peace and in brotherhood with their neighbors,” he claimed.

The Taliban regained control of Afghanistan in a swift offensive that allowed them to reach Baghdad in mid-August and end twenty years of US-coordinated allied intervention.

The return of the Taliban pushed thousands of Afghans – former collaborators of foreign troops and representatives of persecuted minorities – to try to flee the country by crowding into the Baghdad airport, where there were also attacks by ISIS-K.

The evacuation was coordinated by the US military until August 31, the deadline agreed with the new Taliban government.

The UN Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees (Unhcr), Kelly Clements, warned at the end of last month that, in a worst-case scenario, up to 515,000 refugees could flee Afghanistan in the remainder of the year.


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